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  1. Stagger eel

    5 from 5 .... a 70th birthday treat

    Parramatta 30 - sharks 10 HM Parramatta 52 - dogs 12 SGB Parramatta 42 - Tigers 16 NYC Parramatta / Wenty 18 dogs 12 ISP Parramatta 26 Tigers 22 NRL Now that's what I call a perfect long weekend. Won't be repeated again this year.
  2. Stagger eel

    All 5 grades win.

    Massive weekend for the club I thought it deserved it's own thread NRL - 20-6 NYC - 20-10 State cup - 30-14 SG ball - 32-24 Mathews - 30-18 A wonderful effort by the club after another trying week off the field
  3. Stagger eel

    The Product

    Time for Alice Springs to give something back to the club and call a Re-call on the 'product' .... My god he's awful
  4. Stagger eel

    Feleti Mateo V Krisnan INU

    Should be a titanic epic affair... In state cup.
  5. Stagger eel

    The official Semi Ran-rard-dra try scoring record thread.

    Ok... This kid has become an instant cult hero at the club but not only that, he's also sitting on 6 meat pies in 3 matches...I reckon he'll get close to beating zips 82 record of 23 tries in the season.. Semi - 6 tries * Steve Ella - 23 ( 1982) Bring it home semi!!
  6. Stagger eel


    Hey peeps!! My old iPod is doing my f**king head in ... It continually goes on song repeat and I can't fix it, is it a fault in the unit or an easy fix! I'm technically inept so I got no idea how to fix it...
  7. Stagger eel

    The Ultimate Prediction thread 2014

    Where will we finish: 14th Who will captain the club: Tim Mannah/Hayne First grade player of the year: Jarryd Hayne best forward: Kalepi best back: Jarryd Hayne who will we have our best win against: Canberra at home Highest Try scorer: Ken Sio 1 player who will have a breakthrough year...
  8. Stagger eel

    Roy Hardley on sharpie

    I've had a couple of phone calls from people asking me if I heard what Roy Hardley had said about sharpie in his program this morning, apparently he critisised him and basically said he lacks business skills to be in the position he's in.. It sort of confirms my suspicion that sharpie may...
  9. Stagger eel

    The Parramatta bucket list

    Ok I've moved on from Stuart, I don't blame anyone but him for the decision and happy to see the back of him, he obviously doesn't want be here which is perfectly find by me so Au revoir my friend.. I now want to see what the 5 man board are made off as they face the biggest challenge in the...
  10. Stagger eel

    Match day thread: thank f**k that's over shield!

    Half time NYC 18-12 newi... When we should be leading by 12 #storyofourlives
  11. Stagger eel

    Match Day Thread: The Ben Kusto cup

    Wouldn't he be handy right now? Ffs!!
  12. Stagger eel

    Match day thread: The Norman/keating exchange program cup.

    Come on broncs... Give him a go, know you wanna!
  13. Stagger eel

    Match Day Thread: the Fitzy, we could of made beautiful music together cup

    That's right ladies and gentlemen, tonight we celebrate the disasterious moment when the balmain tigers handed back an engagement ring ahead of a tattooed, mullet wearing magpie with a life time supply of designer wife beaters from campeltown.. Forever bridesmaids :(
  14. Stagger eel

    Blake Austin

    Been told you've signed him..
  15. Stagger eel

    Match Day Thread: Come at me Catai you merkin cup.

    Probably the only thing to look forward to other than seeing the old boys drunkingky stumble in and out of the leagues club function room and corporate boxes..... Bring it the f**k on!
  16. Stagger eel

    Are Tickets and Factions killing the thing we love most?

    On the back of Sid Kelly walking out on the board I wanna ask will everyone ever be on the same page at our club? Will we ever get any unity in this place? I dream of supporting a club without following political faction, I dream of a successful front office and most of all I dream of a...
  17. Stagger eel

    Eels fans to take on board as front office farrago rolls on

    The bloodletting at the Eels continues after Parramatta Leagues Club boss Bob Bentley was sensationally sacked by the wooden-spooners. Bentley, who was also the chief executive of the NRL club for about a year, was summarily dismissed after a board meeting on Saturday. Peter McEvoy has been...
  18. Stagger eel

    Match Day Thread: the Greenberg/ Moses love affair challenge.

    As a tribute to the loving couple who are more likely to bring peace to the Middle East.. And will perfom sonny and chers 'i got you babe' at half time... Can't wait for this beautiful occasion to take place.
  19. Stagger eel

    The Match Day Thread: the 'f**k your eyes Papali' cup

    Fire up merkins...seriously fire up, it's like freaking cold down there..
  20. Stagger eel

    Match Day Thread: The Ian Gately Challenge.

    :pray::pray: Please get within 20...

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