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    2021 R12 Thu - Brisbane 12-40 Melbourne @ Suncorp

    If he learns to catch the ball
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    2021 R9 Sat - Wests Tigers 28-36 Gold Coast @ Campbelltown

    Good to see the Titans worked on their defence at training.
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    2021 R9 Sat - Wests Tigers 28-36 Gold Coast @ Campbelltown

    A repeat of last week. Can the Tigers comeback like the Broncos did?
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    2021 R4 Thu - Manly 6-46 Penrith @ Lottoland

    What was Saab doing. He basically ran backwards from the attacking Penrith players.
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    Glad they finally sacked Ikin.
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    Sunday footy show

    The NRL should sue Channel Nine for failing to meet the terms of their contract and for actively promoting a rival sporting code.
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    Griffin to get the band back together. 1. Norman 6. Milford 7. Hunt 9. McCullough St George Illawarra Dragos
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    Rumour is the Broncos have told Milford to get on his bike and f**k off for next season. Interested to know if anyone would be willing to sign him fo their club and if so, how much would you pay for him and what position or type of role would you have him play?
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    Blake Austin is a better 5/8 than Anthony Milford & Mitchell Moses

    Blake Austin for sure.
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    Reece Walsh

    Broncos have requested Hayze Perham as part of a player swap deal to allow Reece Walsh to join the Warriors this season. Haven’t seen much of Hayze but debuted for the Warriors back in 2019 and has played nine NRL games for the club.
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    Rumoured Signings

    Payton and the Cowboys are going to end in tears. Won’t be long till he loses the support of the players and eventually his job. Atleast the Broncos players are trying to turn things around. Most of the Cowboys players look like they couldn’t give a f**k.
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    Brisbane Jets

    It’s easy to switch colours when your a team has little to no history (West Coast Pirates) but the Dolphins have played in red and white for over 70 years. There are plenty of examples of teams in the same competition with the same colours. That is why they invented clash jerseys.
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    Brisbane Jets

    Unique to the Queensland market. Who gives a f**k about St George.
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    2021 QRL Intrust Super Cup Discussion

    While not being shown on Channel 9, the Sunday game is still available to stream on 9now.
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    Who are we buying for 2021 onwards

    Walsh was very impressive in his debut match for Norths in the Intrust Cup. Scoring two tries and kicking six conversions.
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    2021 QRL Intrust Super Cup Discussion

    PNG vs Wynnum (Saturday) and Souths vs Burleigh (Sunday) will be streamed live on Kayo.
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    Brisbane Jets
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    Confirmed Signings

    Warriors have signed Broncos youngster Reece Walsh on a three year deal. Rumour was the Warriors were offering $400,000 a season. Big money for a player that is yet to debut.

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