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    Future Signings

    How many threads have to be de-railed? How much genuine conversation needs to be harpooned? I come here to talk footy and believe I have something to offer to the board as I have sources of info (about the sharks) that most bods don't have and I share whatever I can. I don't come here to...
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    Future Signings

    LU can go and f**k itself. Until they get rid of the trolls I aint coming back to this dump.
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    Nu Brown well done

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    Crowd Watch 2014 part 3

    It wouldn't be that bad if the people of Coffs Harbour HAD GOT OFF THEIR ARSES and made the effort to go. And they call themselves a heartland. Disgraceful.
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    Crowd Watch 2014 part 3

    Dub post
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    Paul Gallen a future Immortal?

    Just out of interest, how does GIs c**k taste? Salty? Strangely sweet?
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    Crowd Watch 2014 part 3

    Thanks for that. If anyone needs me I'll be out the back changing my outlook, removing the mental block and getting pumped for expansion.
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    Recruitment and Retention

    I rest my case
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    Recruitment and Retention

    Cordner is an old bar junior, we can't really claim him. Who did takarangi play for? I will update the list.
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    Recruitment and Retention

    Correct. The cheque book the roosters have for their SG Ball is phenomenal and their results show that. They were untouched this year. But their development squads, kids picked from their actual junior comp are so pathetic they won't even play against Cronulla, let alone the strong sides like...
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    Recruitment and Retention

    Thanks BBB I knew there were a few more.
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    O.T. Wok quits the ABC ... sad really.

    It's the ABC for gods sake. Offensive or not; Ryan should know full well you can't say shit like that.
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    It's Game Day - Are We Pumped Or What !!

    It's the most pathetic person on the internet who does this. And the internet is a vast cosmos with an infitnite amount of pathetic grubs. Some kind of achievement.
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    Recruitment and Retention

    The roosters have 4 small clubs in their junior catchment. Bondi united, paddo, clovelly and st Charles (who are only up to u13 anyway). Coogee are in the Souths catchment. I'm pretty sure the only true rooster junior playing NRL is tom symonds. Current sharks juniors in the NRL are...
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    Recruitment and Retention

    How sad must your life be if you spend time trolling in opposition teams forums?. f**k OFF.
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    Get the f**k out of our forum you pathetic troll.
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    Mid season predictions - Wooden Spoon

    My club (the sharks) will get it. Even though we have 3 internationals to come back in Gallen Lewis and Fifita, and a genuine superstar in Carney they won't win another game. Management have basically intimated to the players that this season is a write off and they expect no results. It was...
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    Benji Watch

    Cheers. It's an excellent feeling.
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    Benji Watch

    1. Beau Ryan. 2. Feki. 3. J Wright. 4. Leutele 5. GROTHE. 6. Carney 7. Robson 8. FIFITA 9. Morris 10. Prior 11. Tupou 12. Lewis 13. Gallen That is who Cronulla was missing. That side would've smashed the Cronulla side that actually played last night and probably beaten St Merge comfortably. You...

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