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  1. parrawentyfan

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Is it just my misinterpretation but were we expecting something announceable from the NSW budget? I couldn't see anything
  2. parrawentyfan

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    A stadium in Chatswood would be awesome but I think we've missed the boat on that. Land is so expensive and I don't think there's a big enough footprint anywhere. I've always thought we had a few stadiums just off kilter in the wrong spot. Parramatta is in the right spot. Penrith and...
  3. parrawentyfan

    The Game 2021 Crowd Watch

    Yep if you go back to when Bankwest was announced you could fairly reasonably estimate that WSW would be averaging more than the Eels. If WSW had Bankwest in the 2-3 years after inception they would have averaged high 20ks such was the support at the time, and with the presence of the RBB. The...
  4. parrawentyfan

    The Game 2021 Crowd Watch

    It certainly has for the Wanderers... (and I'm a Wanderers fan so not sinking the boot in). But the Eels have done very well to take advantage of the new stadium. To see this growth despite COVID is pretty remarkable. Being competitive obviously helps. Out of all the 8 1/2 Sydney sides...
  5. parrawentyfan

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Honestly I think the Tigers should go all in for Liverpool. Balmain fans won't go to Campbelltown. West's fans won't go to Leichardt. Liverpool is a compromise in the middle. It is on the border of Eels, Tigers and Bulldogs. No one has claimed it. Bulldogs own the land so would be well...
  6. parrawentyfan

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Well Liverpool would get at least 10, possibly 20 games a year if the Tigers and/or Bulldogs commit to it (assuming they take 2 games to Leichardt, Campbelltown, Belmore each year). Kogarah would get 6 max unless the Sharks commit to it which seems unlikely given all the work they are doing...
  7. parrawentyfan

    News JDB Trial

    Well according to Wikipedia (I know...) they are two different people. The Daine Laurie who played for Panthers and Tigers and who went to prison was born in 1984. The Daine Laurie who was signed more recently by Tigers was born in 1999. Coincidence
  8. parrawentyfan

    "It’s very realistic to say that we’ll have a second team in Brisbane in 2023": V'landys

    I see what you mean but I meant in terms of professional teams. Ie RA have made an effort in Perth and Melbourne with the Force (despite stabbing them in the back) and Rebels. There is no pro union team in Adelaide meaning NRL would be the only rugby in town at elite level.
  9. parrawentyfan

    "It’s very realistic to say that we’ll have a second team in Brisbane in 2023": V'landys

    The other thing Adelaide has going for it is that it has also been neglected by union. Melbourne and even Perth have been nurtured more. So there is a chance to get people interested in any of the 'rugbies' because the other one isn't around.
  10. parrawentyfan

    Is Channel 9 the home of rugby league?

    Its a minor thing ultimately but one thing I hate (which Fox and Nine do) is zoom in on the ruck each tackle. It just shows the horrible wrestle and wriggling. I much prefer the ESL coverage where it zooms out so you can see the defensive and attacking lines set for the next play.
  11. parrawentyfan

    NRL two conferences

    Even if we disagree on the conference idea (and yes there are plenty of problems it would bring) I find it really positive that the NRL are thinking big about ways to accomodate new teams. We've all had a crack at a fantasy comp..and this is possibly the NRL doing the same - closest we've had...
  12. parrawentyfan

    NRL two conferences

    One thing it does do is reinvigorate interest in a fairly stale competition - although you would hope new teams would do that anyway. As long as it doesn't get too complicated. The conference system killed super rugby.
  13. parrawentyfan

    NRL two conferences

    I actually don't mind the conference concept. Despite the negatives it shows me a few positives: - The NRL are finally thinking seriously about expansion. Conferences allow for more teams. That is good in my book. One of our biggest hurdles is the natural ceiling a single conference has. - They...
  14. parrawentyfan

    NRL's growth mindset points to 18th team. And it ain't Perth.

    You talk a lot of sense. It is a pity that the NRL hasn't really done anything to foster interest in a 2nd NZ side over the years and has in fact quashed any interest. Orcas exhibit A. I think NZ could support several teams if there had been the groundwork laid. But as you said it is a pity it...
  15. parrawentyfan

    2021 R5 Sun - Parramatta 12-26 St Geo Illa @ Bankwest

    I think its a fair enough call and hopefully it discourages interference with runners and not diving. Personally I think the goalpost places enough doubt there that he wouldn't have made it. But it's possible to argue that without Brown's interference the goalpost wouldn't have been a factor...
  16. parrawentyfan

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    I'm conflicted over Kogarah. It isn't a bad ground especially on the western side. That's a nice big grandstand. But the Dragons really should be focussing on Wollongong meaning Kogarah is a bit expendable unless an A-League team takes it up as a long term home.
  17. parrawentyfan

    Redcliffe put their hand up

    Its interesting that the existing bids don't really overlap. Dolphins in the North. Jets in the West/SW. Firehawks in the East. Broncos in the centre. Sometimes I've wondered if we are better off going for 'saturation' with many small teams instead a few big teams. Eg. your team may not be a...
  18. parrawentyfan

    Try replays with music in the background.......

    I know its not NRL but as soon as I saw the thread title I got the superleague try replay music in my head.

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