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    2019 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    They are some crap tigers jerseys imo. Looks like a cheap super league one. The home one is ok, but away is boring as, and as I mentioned, cheap. The black one with white and orange horizontal stripes was great from last season, keep that and have a white version with orange and black stripes...
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    2019 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    As a fan I can’t recognise it’s the NRL’s logo, how about those people who don’t even watch the sport. So bland, no colour and looks pathetic on the jerseys, like a overly simple, yet messy sponsor because the little writing underneath. You couldn’t even tell, as a foreigner to the nrl, what the...
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    The Game Jerseys, Logos, Mock Ups, Photos ANYTHING

    Here are some Manly ones I made up a few years ago before the 2017 season, would love to see the home one at least. It’s like our current but with solid double hoops and white sides. The away I did quickly although some of it is good imo. Away jersey with maroon shorts though. CONCEPT