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  1. J

    The Game 2023 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    If you look to the right of the picture of the jerseys hanging up, looks like the hoops jersey will still be the home jersey and the hoops on the sleeve have returned
  2. J

    The Game 2022 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    We pretty much only wear it against the Titans
  3. J

    The Game 2020 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    Im glad they came up with a compromise with the colours then!
  4. J

    The Game 2020 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    I noticed Saraff Strata have gone from a nice integrated logo on the back of the Sharks jersey to inside a white box. Makes it harder to read so don’t know why the changed it
  5. J

    The Game 2020 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    Yeah keep forgetting to check out the new shop but since they don’t manufacture for the Sharks anymore then might not be worth it!
  6. J

    The Game 2020 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    What did it say on Insta? Yeah used to go to the goodfellows factory when it was at St.Peters and pick up a few Sharks things
  7. J

    The Game 2020 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    Goodfellows make xBlades
  8. J

    The Game 2020 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    They should have had Ace Gutters up where the sternum sponsor goes and shrink the white hoops and just have Durakote Roofing there
  9. J

    The Game 2020 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    Glad they returned to the hoops design but not a fan of the back of the jersey. The white at the top is far too wide. Might look better with sponsors
  10. J

    The Game Jerseys, Logos, Mock Ups, Photos ANYTHING

    Guessing it was cause the Sharks were in their away jersey which was white with white shorts so tried to avoid the clash
  11. J

    2019 Crowd Watch

    The stadiums a good half hour out of the city
  12. J

    Nepotism Thread: Players who only got a go because of their father

    Lincoln Raudonikis Scott Fulton Jared Anderson
  13. J

    Where are you watching the game Fri night?

    Leagues Club have the Summertime Bar open outside with the big screen and $5 beers. Should hopefully get a good crowd
  14. J

    Cronulla fans egged the Canberra team bus after the win

    Since when have eggs been purple inside? It was the free tubs of yoghurt they were handing out at the game
  15. J

    2018 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    And what’s an OF US??
  16. J

    The Game Jerseys, Logos, Mock Ups, Photos ANYTHING

    They only had 1. The logo with the Giant smashing through the shield was their supporter logo that all the other clubs had. Interesting in that Ch7 video they were originally sponsored by Oz Rock when the team was launched but ended up being sponsored by Seagulls Leagues Club by the time the...
  17. J

    Worst experiences/fights at the footy

    Go the Mo!
  18. J

    2018 Crowd Watch

    Its a shit crowd but there’s no chance they’d get more at the SFS
  19. J

    2018 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    And banknotes The ones from Bali you can tell a mile away but the Sharks ones I’ve got from fake_jerseys look better than the ones you get from Rebel. The retail ones have a larger white V which look stupid but the fake_jerseys ones the V is smaller and is the same size as the players cut. Just don’t have...