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    Broncos Boot Bennett: Who will take the skeleton?

    Bennett should go back to where it all begun in Canberra... Ricky should never coach another football team ever again...
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    NSW Team 2016

    Geoff Toovey to be the coach of NSW... Laurie Daley has to go....
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    Cody Walker found not guilty of domestic violence charge

    It's the hypocrisy that stinks. Cody Walker has been suspended indefinitely which is the right decision. It is the Auvaa case that was completely mishandled and is a total embarrassment to both Souths and the NRL.
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    SamBurgess gorn to rugby 2015

    No brainer for me.. My team winning the NRL grand final is the pinnacle for me.
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    Rumoured Signings 2014

    I guess you could ask Will Chambers..
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    Highest paid player

    Number 50 earned $1.3 million. SBW may have earned more than that last year including his fight purse, Japanese rugby, third-party deals, sponsorship and Easts wages. But he is a Kiwi, so he was never going to appear on that list... I would estimate around $1.5 million though for last...
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    No NRL TV deal for the UK

    Do we get the Super League games here in Aust...??
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    Not kicking the ball to Hayne is against the spirit of the game

    And here was I thinking that Hayne intentionally wiping his sweat on the ball before drop-outs was not in the spirit of the game...
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    Hindmarsh to take fight to AFL

    Gee - Some people are easy to fool.. Of coarse he knows who Hindmarsh is.. But if he admitted that...No one here would have said "AFL" "Kevin Sheedy" or "GWS" all day long... Don't take the bait...
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    A comp to fill in the February pre-season

    I like the idea of five weeks in February....
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    Why are you a Rooster?

    I was born into it.. Just as my kids were born Easts supporters also.. You don't get to pick your family or your footy team in my world...
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    Frank Farina tells NRL, AFL told to grow up over Cup bid

    Another clever post.. Say no to the expansion and redevelopment of stadiums around australia.. It's like the Water Polo and Croquet saying the State of Origin is disrupting their season in NSW & Qld..Please stop it..
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    Frank Farina tells NRL, AFL told to grow up over Cup bid

    I'm not sure if you realise how tiny your mind actually is... Just try to ignore it..
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    Frank Farina tells NRL, AFL told to grow up over Cup bid

    mmmmmmmmm Maths was never my strong point.. What's a zero here and there..really???:oops: Not to take away from the fact that the amounts of money involved is insane...
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    Frank Farina tells NRL, AFL told to grow up over Cup bid

    The tiny minds in this thread are hilarious.. There will be plenty of dough to go around..(For little NRL and little AFL) Just the final will have 100000 people paying an average of $500 a seat.. That's half a billion bucks..For one game..(not true -wrong-wrong) Thanks Digga Hole.. Of...
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    Setaimata Sa leaving?

    Who is going to do all the tackling...???
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    Steve Matai has to be the softest player ever

    I hate the farker so much, I miss him when he doesn't play...
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    mini should be in Aus squad

    Mini has made the Aust number 6 his, over the last 2 weeks.. Watch him fire at five-eigth again this weekend..
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    A way to increase TV revenue

    It usually takes longer than that for the video ref to make a decision each time anyway... How long do you want the game to go for..?? A billion viewing hours...
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    League the big loser in salary stakes

    Roy Masters is doing his bit in making 7 and 10 aware that league can be bought at a reasonable price that should see a healthy return on the investment.. Great stuff Roy... 9 and Fox will pay whatever they have to, to get the rights again.. 7 and 10 just have to make them pay big for it...

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