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  1. Leber

    2024 R20 Fri - Canberra v Warriors @ GIO

    Yeah... Raiders tend to get kissed on the dick by the ref everytime these two play. I assume this will be no different. That and no CNK and the late kick off makes it bloody tough.
  2. Leber

    2024 R18 Sat - Canterbury 13-12* Warriors @ Accor

    Our season is over if we lose this one. But what guts. To be still in this with no fullback and only one winger is insane.
  3. Leber

    2024 R18 Sat - Canterbury 13-12* Warriors @ Accor

    Man the dogs are as shit as us.
  4. Leber

    2024 R18 Sat - Canterbury 13-12* Warriors @ Accor

    If only the dogs had great wingers like Montoya and Dallin on their books. Oh wait…
  5. Leber

    2024 R18 Sat - Canterbury 13-12* Warriors @ Accor

    Ahhh so we get that reffing today. cool.
  6. Leber

    Team v Bulldogs

    Yea he's in.
  7. Leber

    Team v Bulldogs

    I'm only assuming, but it seems logical.
  8. Leber

    Team v Bulldogs

    leka is going to debut. Bunty is playing reserves, not first grade.
  9. Leber

    2024 R18 Sat - Canterbury 13-12* Warriors @ Accor

    No Tohu for us. not that he has done much of late anyway.
  10. Leber

    Team v Bulldogs

    Hopefully extra time last week will have taken it out of the doggies.
  11. Leber

    NSW Cup highlights

    I still dont know why the try was awarded in the firstplace.
  12. Leber

    2024 R18 Sat - Canterbury 13-12* Warriors @ Accor

    For us to have any hope at making the 8, these are the games we have to win. Beating teams with a similar record to us. I'll go us by 7.
  13. Leber

    How many weeks for Horsburgh?

    At the risk of sounding like a skeepe, this whole incident is the refs fault. If he had of blown an obvious penalty instead of allowing an obstruction try the whole incident wouldn’t have happened. Laban deserves an apology from the ref too.
  14. Leber

    OT: Joe Biden

    I’m certainly more of a republican than democrat, but I don’t like trump. I reckon they should have given Haley the nomination.
  15. Leber

    2024 R17 Sat - Warriors 32-16 Brisbane @ Go Media

    We won’t win the comp, but we can help the broncos not win the comp also by beating them today. Up the wahs everyone! I say this now before I start to death ride them lol
  16. Leber

    OT: Joe Biden

    Trump just won the election. Biden should be in a home. No idea why america persists on nominating bad, unpopular old candidates.
  17. Leber

    Team v Broncos

    Yeah... not enough of a respose to a 60 point drubbing for mine. Id have TT to fb, CNK to 6. Id also throw AFB and Harris to the bench. Bring back Bunty or give Maia'u a go again.
  18. Leber


    Bro should have a job with sky for life when he retires. Hes good at analysing and commentating. Might be time for him to take the option up.

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