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    South Sydney 1989-90: what happened?

    lol perhaps. but you can always learn a few things during the off season from years gone past perhaps aswell. 🤙
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    South Sydney 1989-90: what happened?

    the good old when buzz slothfield didnt play god with people's careers. if this happened today he would be pushing for the whole organisation to be kicked out od ghe comp, players to be bammed for life
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    Uncle Tezza

    story checks out
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    Cameron Smith is the greatest rugby league player ever.

    So the broncos are going to have macca on 800k a year plus the "goat" on another 800k plus a year?. Not happening. Smith is retiring. Just except it
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    Rumours and Stuff

    Hayne to make a comeback in the centres to replace jennings if he is found guilty. 1 year contract with the option in clubs favour for the second year. Modest contract.
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    Brad fittlers grand finals

    Been watching gf replays on fox the last few days. Its hard to actually gauge a players overall performance watching it tho seeing as they dont play the full 80 min game. And you only see 1 out of 6 sets. But my question is, did fittler go missing/choke in those early 2000's granf finals
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    News Tristan Sailor charged with alleged sexual assault

    doxylamine is what she is reported to have taken.
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    Do you think Cooper Cronk's record of six premierships in the NRL era will ever be equalled?

    Im a big cronk fan(roosters days) what he done was and is nothing short of incredible. Deserves all the praise for the little 1 percenters on and off the field for the roosters to go back to back.. but he only won 4 preimerships. The nrl needs to be more strict on Melbourne still counting...
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    Sam Burgess retires

    I know they have set the precedent, but its a shit rule. Greenberg needs to start fresh and bring a new rule going forward. Show some backbone. A lot of clubs who have suffered previously will complain. But it is what it is. They expect players to be crippled and unable to walk before they...
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    The Rugby League Digest Podcast

    One of the best podcasts around! Highly recommended to anyone who has not checked it out yet. Download the stitcher app and type in rugby league digest. even if its just something to listen to to and from work. A lot of work has gone into a subject that is never really talked about indepth...
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    Was a terrible turn of events , and i get the hurt. But at the end of the day, raiders had all that possession, up against 12 men at one point. That had their chances to win it but they didnt take their chances when it was there. More blame should be aimed towards bj. had that overlap all he...
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    Cooper Cronk - Best Ever!!!

    Well he is sure as shit better then the current so called "greatest ever" cam smith. Thats why smith was so butt hurt when cronk left. He wont go down as the greatest ever on field player in thr johns caliber. But if you factor in his on field career and his off field post footy career i dare...
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    Sam Burgess served with show cause notice

    Greenberg should be mad to show cause as to why he should keep his job. The game itself has gone backwards under his tenure.
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    Salary Cap Effectiveness

    Atleast your not parra.. we try our hand at cheating the cap , not only did we get caught we also managed to run dead last doing so... life as a eels supporter, club couldnt even cheat right!
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    Rumours and Stuff

    F Would love to see frizz in blue and gold. But him and mary have a pretty good relationship. And from the interviews i have seen earlier this year, he seens pretty adamant that he has no intention of seeking a early release from his contract. Another slothfield special! Realistically...
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    Bulls may leave Bradford

    That era will forever how i remember the Bradford bulls. what a cracker team! Such a shame to see them fall from those lofty heights.
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    Hull KR Pull Off “Major Transfer Coup”

    Awesome deal! On skds behalf anyways! To be fair. He is pretty reliable when it comes to injuries. Dont think he missed a game for the knights in the 2 years he was there? Could see him being in the pat Richards sort of mould (poor mans version without the monster boot) over in the esl who also...
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    Rumours and Stuff

    Does anybody know about the specifics of jennings contract? All i have heard is a 2 year deal. Is it it a 2 year flat line deal, or a 1 year contract, with a year option ?(clubs favor preferably)Because that would be the most logical strategy moving forward for both parties
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    Belinda Sleeman set to become first female NRL referee

    Blow a sandshoe?
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    George Williams signs for next season

    On current form , surely sezer gets first crack again next year. And williams earns his way into the team through reggies. Just waiting for the pre season headlines to come where williams /sezer are training the house down to earn selection...

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