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  1. DlEHARD

    "South East QLD Titans"

    The Titans must stay on the Gold Coast. It needs to represent the NRL in that region and northern NSW. The problems of the club aren't related to the region. Being a Brisbane boy myself but also a Titans member since 2007 I can say that it is a terrible idea. The Titans had quite a following...
  2. DlEHARD

    China and Paul Broughton

    I think the Shenzhen idea and the heritage idea are both goers.
  3. DlEHARD

    Players refusing to sing the National anthem in protest

    Maybe at Game 3 as this spirals out of control. What's next? Refuse to play for the Kangaroos? Refuse to play for QUEENSland?
  4. DlEHARD

    Game of Thrones VIII

    Yea unfortunately neither of these sock puppets really speak. I'm very, very disappointed with this episode.
  5. DlEHARD

    We got ourselves a real Super league involving 8 nations

    You guys are dead-right about galahs fueling expansion with their stupid comments. But it still cuts. When I moved to HK I wanted to help get RL going. I posted about this on TRL (having being encouraged reading about some people getting RL going in Mexico) and copped some crap about "big deal...
  6. DlEHARD

    We got ourselves a real Super league involving 8 nations

    I feel the same way Storm13.
  7. DlEHARD

    2019 R3 Sun - Rabbitohs 28-20 Titans @ ANZ

    Inglis is out.
  8. DlEHARD

    We got ourselves a real Super league involving 8 nations

    I saw that, I was so pissed off. So f**king disrespectful. Absolute f**kwits. Didn't even show any footage of the games as any type of consolation.
  9. DlEHARD

    2019 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    It's true.
  10. DlEHARD

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    LOL retweeted.
  11. DlEHARD

    2019 R2 Sat - Sharks 20-6 Titans @ Shark Park

    Started strong but we have fallen apart. Fans are tuning out for sure. Something series needs to happen in the half time sheds. Titans just don't have the depth.
  12. DlEHARD

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Daley just ate a pie without sauce.
  13. DlEHARD

    Star Trek to return to the small screen.

    I really hate Burnham too. It's just a disgrace of a character. The kung fu against a robot was ridiculous. And yet more disobeyed orders.
  14. DlEHARD

    2019 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    And we share the same state as one.
  15. DlEHARD

    2019 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    Titans fans are overall furious at this years home jersey, the colour defies logic. We love the light blue, gold and white that symbolises the beaches. The club also has to get over trying to put helmets and other garbage on the jersey.
  16. DlEHARD

    2019 Super League

    Wow so proud of London. Happy I signed up as member.
  17. DlEHARD

    2019 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    I really wanna give it to NEDS over that pathetic review. But the link no longer works. Edit; OK it's because it is blocked in my country.
  18. DlEHARD

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Anyway, Queensland could soon be thanking NSW Labor for the NRL Grand Final. :cool: