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  1. parramatta_eels_123

    Maitua's plan to lure SBW to Eels

    '' I'm excited for Willie Tonga and Ben Roberts to come over.'' he says of the Eels' 2012 recruits. Maitua is speaking between between a video session and a field run. * '' ... and hopefully i can jag Sonny Bill the year after! '' * That's Sonny Bill Williams, folks. And Reni's not joking...
  2. parramatta_eels_123

    Brian Smith for NSW top job

    I think everyonewill have mixed feelings, but i think he could be the man to save the Blues he saves us, knights and turned roosters into a contender for the premiership.
  3. parramatta_eels_123

    Which comeback did you enjoy the most?

    its 2010 not 2009 hahah
  4. parramatta_eels_123

    Justin Poore will never start.....

    Poore played well last night dont know what he needs to do to win the supporters over. With the loss of mateo we could even use Poor in the second row 8.Mannah 10.Fui 11.Hindmarsh 12.Smith 13.Poore 15.Horo 16.Shackleton 17.Tim Robinson or that Pele fella
  5. parramatta_eels_123

    Snippet on Albert Kelly from Big League

    my mate is cousins with albert and he said he still dosent know but he said he will prob stay with the eels bcoz he has more opptunity in first grade plus they gave him a go so thats good news
  6. parramatta_eels_123

    Who are you?

    Name is Michael im 17 in april i play footy for Port Macquarie Sharks under 18's have a girlfriend been with her for 10 months in yr 11 at school
  7. parramatta_eels_123

    Official team lists for this week.

    Albert kelly is cousins with kristian kelly who is sam thaiday look alike and he is going to eels next year hes been already signed i played with him last yr and now playing against him this yr he is a gun!
  8. parramatta_eels_123

    Rugby League Week 09 Players To Watch

    I played against boyd cordner this year pritty good but i think he is over rated i smashed him haha
  9. parramatta_eels_123

    Your Team for 2009

    1.Hayne 2.Burt 3.Inu 4.Smith 5.Grothe 6.Keating 7.Finch 8.Cayless 9.Keating 10.Moimoi 11.Hindmarsh 12.Gulavao 13.Mateo 14.Kingston 15.Cordoba 16.Haurkai 17.Oake
  10. parramatta_eels_123

    Daniel Anderson

    Anderson plays down link St Helens coach Daniel Anderson has quashed rumours he is in line to take over at Parramatta when he returns to Australia at the end of the season. Anderson has been tipped for the role after a poor run of form has put pressure on Eels boss Michael Hagan. Ex-New...
  11. parramatta_eels_123

    Rumoured/Confirmed Signings 2009/2010

    i play footy with a kid called kristian kelly looks like sam thaiday and he went to a camp earlier on in the yr and going on another one in september and he stays at michael hagans apartment and he is sooooooooooooo gooood he tears 16's apart
  12. parramatta_eels_123

    Who was there? (At Suncorp)

    hey i was there
  13. parramatta_eels_123

    Toyota Cup Vs Panthers - Live Updates

    penrith 20-18 eels
  14. parramatta_eels_123

    Ben Smith Commits Long Term To The Eels

    Pirtek Parramatta Eels centre Ben Smith says he hopes to be a one club man after agreeing to a new four year deal with the club. 23 year-old Smith, who has scored 25 tries in 58 matches for the Eels since making his debut aged 19 in 2004, will now remain at Parramatta until at least the end of...
  15. parramatta_eels_123

    Roosters results from Port Macquarie

    hey i was at the game it was good to meet the roosters like anasta mason omeley myles brian fletcher the coaching staff and couple more it was gr888888888
  16. parramatta_eels_123

    Which NRL player have you spotted on holidays

    i saw John Cartwright yesterday at Ridgy Didge pies in Port Macquarie and my dad saw brett kimmorley ata fish n chip shop in port again
  17. parramatta_eels_123

    The Buderus rumour

    hey its not a rumour its fact buderus is trying to get out of his knights contract and he said he wants to go to the eels becuase of the hagan factor
  18. parramatta_eels_123

    Bulldogs deny Ryan is heading back to the Eels

    isnt he saying that he might be going ?
  19. parramatta_eels_123

    The Buderus rumour

    hey one my teachers told me yesti night at touch footy that he was talking to buderus and he said he wants to cum to the eels
  20. parramatta_eels_123

    Eels Intrested of Luring Ryan Back

    Inu is not due back at Parramatta until the first week of December but the Eels have made contact with his manager. The Eels are also said to be interested in luring Bulldogs captain Andrew Ryan back to the club.,22049,22775435-5006066,00.html