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  1. KiWi_BoI_15

    2015 NRL 9's | FINALS

    What a kick!!
  2. KiWi_BoI_15

    2015 NRL 9's | FINALS

    Katas been the man, never knew he was so quick.
  3. KiWi_BoI_15

    Nines Day One

    Only crap thing is listening to that dick Halligan, he just ruins the call and I'm sure the Aussie commentators wonder what the hell he dribbled on about half the time.
  4. KiWi_BoI_15

    Sons of Anarchy

    Links guys?
  5. KiWi_BoI_15

    '14 // 4N Wk 3 // Sun 4pm // AUS 44-18 SAM // Wollongong

    Leilua looks like a f**kwit, Inglis in.
  6. KiWi_BoI_15

    Sons of Anarchy

    That was a bit more enjoyable of Gemma this week lol. Hate seeing one of the good guys of the club go, had the wife in tears.
  7. KiWi_BoI_15

    '14 // 4N Wk 2 // Sat 2pm // NZ 14-12 SAM // Whangarei

    My dad gave me a haircut like Leiluas, I cried for days.
  8. KiWi_BoI_15

    Sons of Anarchy

    Damn, not Bobby I was pretty cut up about that! This will just send max more over the edge. Seems like August Marks is upping his game too.
  9. KiWi_BoI_15

    Sons of Anarchy

    Gemma needs a bullet to the head. This season has been off to a hectic start!
  10. KiWi_BoI_15

    2014 GF | PREMIERS - Rabbitohs 30-6 Bulldogs @ ANZ

    Carn the bunnies! Beers n BBQ ready to go.
  11. KiWi_BoI_15


    Tupou constantly gets driven back, like someone says it's a mental thing. Looking forward to seeing RTS at FB next year, more space to show his footwork.
  12. KiWi_BoI_15

    Player Lookalikes

    ^^ lol
  13. KiWi_BoI_15

    '14 // Origin III // Wed 9 // QLD 32-8 NSW // Suncorp

    Lol bird. Best death scene in years.