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  1. Das Hassler

    Luai the tigepie.

    Thank the lord or whoever needs thanking that Luai didn't come to us a year early ( as was talked about)..circumstances at the Panthers had him thrown the keys to their side which was what lifted him to the truly elite level at SOO...if he had come to us at the beginning of '24 he probably...
  2. Das Hassler

    Match Discussion: Round 20 vs South Sydney @ Industree Group Stadium, Gosford / Darkinjung

    Nah I don't think we totally deserve it a go to 10 debutants (and thats 10 so far!) this season has to be worth a bit of goodwill
  3. Das Hassler

    Season 2025

    Re Luai - Well....I'd say that concern of mine has well and truly been put to bed now. Also I think it's fair to say that Ivan ( and more than one or two salty Panthers folk laughing at what we paid) have got their answer direct from Laui now as well
  4. Das Hassler

    Nsw Origin 24 and how it will affect us.

    Really could have used Api out there in the first half with that much of a look at their goal line
  5. Das Hassler

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other NRL stuff)

    Notably he didn't say ," all good things must come to an end at one place but will continue at the next"
  6. Das Hassler

    Match Discussion: Round 19 vs Cronulla @ PointsBet Stadium, Woolooware / Dharawal

    Apparantly Api's good to go with an early "yeah I done it" plea....I'm a bit surprised he didn't have to sit one out after others have for the same nothing accident
  7. Das Hassler

    Season 2025

    $10 a win huh?...damn...I was hoping to be able to buy a pie with sauce
  8. Das Hassler

    Season 2025

    Not there yet...luckily I'm nowhere near as old as I look As for's more than entirely possible we're just developing him for someone else in 2 years time so may as well have Luai at 7 from the getgo
  9. Das Hassler

    Season 2025

    That's my worry...if he doesn't know what he's going to do untill he does it then neither does anyone else...I hope he can evolve into a real halfback as Benji eventually himself did under Bennet at Brisbane and Souths
  10. Das Hassler

    ‘I’m not going anywhere’: Sullivan’s message to Tigers

    I'll see your Reynolds and Mbye and raise you Russell Packer
  11. Das Hassler

    Season 2025

    Hey no...disagree and don't value my opinion too much...that's a dicey investment! :) Anyway...I'm just thinking that Galvin is already shaping up as a better organising half and i'd like to see him continue to develop in that role...I'd rather have Luai playing his natural game at 6...
  12. Das Hassler

    Season 2025

    I'd reverse Luai and Galvin...
  13. Das Hassler

    Match Discussion: Round 18 vs Melbourne @ Leichhardt Oval, Lilyfield / Wanngal

    I listened to the first half and only watched the second half live today ...just watched the replay of the first half and there was a helluva lot there to be encouraged by....the energy and urgency was right up there and the talent is definitely developing well. It was ( obviously) the top 4...
  14. Das Hassler

    Match Discussion: Round 18 vs Melbourne @ Leichhardt Oval, Lilyfield / Wanngal

    Seems kind that we only lost by 12....Bateman is on cruise waiting for his next SL gig
  15. Das Hassler

    Match Discussion: Round 18 vs Melbourne @ Leichhardt Oval, Lilyfield / Wanngal

    Mate...why do you do it to yourself ?...aren't in enough pain?! :)
  16. Das Hassler

    Rd18 2024: Eels v Rabbits GAME DAY THREAD @ Commbank Stadium July 4th

    You're gonna win this one...leastways you should. Souths are low energy
  17. Das Hassler

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other NRL stuff)

    Oh god no....they have the tray table folded...bags under the seat in front of them and seat in the upright position ...Klem was their best forward when we got him!
  18. Das Hassler

    Stefano Utoikamanu

    100% it the fine print and you will see it's what they "feel sure" will happen
  19. Das Hassler

    The Laulilii Bros

    I'm not sure if you were being commended for using the right word or chipped for using the wrong one....sounded right to me but i'm oriented towards "less is more"