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    Jay Cutler

    Sounds like he put up more of a fight than Cutler did.
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    Where amazing happens

    Whoah! I thought he was just an underrated shooter, that's pretty ridiculous!
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    NBA All-Star Weekend 2011

    Thought Blake was lucky to get out of the first round! His first dunk was awesome, but his second was pretty bland, thought DeRozan's were much more impressive. Still, it was the most fun dunk contest in recent memory. Loads of creativity from all the dunkers - props, new ideas. Lots of fun...
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    Des Hasler

    Letting go of Des would be an enormous error. He's an excellent coach and fiercly passionate about the club. Having said that I do like Cleary as a coach as well, and he's doing a good job at the Warriors, but I wouldn't trade Dessie for anyone other than Wayne Bennett. And even then, Benny...
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    NBA All-Star Weekend 2011

    Haha, maybe not quite as aggressive as the Knicks/Packers - those dudes were basically making tackles to stop them getting to the run, at least Blake gave the illusion he was trying to go for a block! - but it was good to see in my opinion.
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    NBA All-Star Weekend 2011

    Finally a sensible decision! Great news for Love. Thoroughly deserved, even if his team is balls. On a slight All Star related note, anyone see the Hawks/Clips game today? Heavy foul from Griff on Horford with time expiring, was called a Flagrent 1 and Horford nailed both frees to get the one...
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    Conference finals preview today?

    Magic lost by four, but it was never that close. They were well and truly spanked by the Heat today and didn't look anything like a contender. Very disappointing. The trades gave them a bit of spark, but the same problem that has held them back in the past is still there - they're a soft team...
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    Eagles CEO hopeful of finding jersey sponsor

    I have no idea whether this would work, but it is the sort of thinking Manly could use from their CEO right now.
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    2010/11 Playoffs Survivor

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    Where amazing happens

    This thread has huge potential. Chuck in the highlights of the year eg: Gilbert's halfcourt shot off the time clock, whatever Blake Griffin does on any given night, basically anything that makes you go "wow, that's why I watch the NBA". And I totally agree on the Grizz/Kings game. Two...
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    What do you think about Lebron???

    Agree. It was a place you didn't even need to post. Just come and observe, because the only people (generally) who gave thoughts actually knew what was going on. It is regressing though.
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    ESPN 30 for 30

    I really liked the Ali/Holmes one. Agree that AI was a major disappointment. Thought it could have been fantastic, but was treated really, really badly and end up just drag....ging.....on...... Favs have been Vlade/Drazen and Without Bias. Just tragic stories.
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    NBA Season 2010-2011

    Gotta say, unless there are some significant other elements to the trade, I'm not pleased about this one as a Magic fan. Arenas doesn't significantly improve the Magic (not a big enough upgrade on Vince), doesn't transform us into a Finals favourite or anything like. Just gives us another...
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    Hohns gone!

    I promise, I won't bump this thread every couple of years..... But there are calls for Hilditch to get the axe after overseeing this Aussie team go from superhuman to an absolute rabble. Do we still think Hohns was the worst ever? Do we all stick by the thoughts already made in this thread...
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    Which NBA team do you support and Why?

    Great thread to dig up. Some serious laughs in here. I go for the Magic because they rocked my world when they had Shaq for three years, then a decade of sadness including injuries, hissy fits, confusing trades and general mismanagement before we fluked Dwight Howard and have started to turn it...
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    Oden out for the season

    God damn.... That's freakin tough on the kid. Absolutely incredible.
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    Bret Stewart >Josh Dugan & Hayne

    Exactly. Best post in this thread. Didn't you all see how Ben Farrar became the best fullback in the comp this year? It's all because of Stewart's Manly team-mates. His injury has nothing to do with the team dropping from 1st to 5th to 8th in the time that he's been out. It's someone else's...
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    Could Vick be in trouble again?

    Haha, dude, it's Mick Vick. He's always a person of interest. For everything. I'm too lazy/tired to put any effort into reading up on whether he sounds innocent/guilty but I am interested to see how this pans out. I'm not sure what the Eagles are trying to do in terms of their rebuilding etc...
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    Manly sign young Bulldogs talent

    He won a touch footy tournament last week, albeit playing in the over 45s division.
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    Rumour Thread

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