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  1. magpie_man

    2021 RLWC (A) Wk1 - ENG 60-6 SAM @ Newcastle

    Poms to get the chocolates here. Dom Young on the bench is a head-scratcher though 🤔
  2. magpie_man

    World Cup Kits

    Agree, looks fantastic 😍 Love the trim on the socks too
  3. magpie_man

    Australia salty much?

    Good grief, stay classy ARLC.
  4. magpie_man


    Great get! It would've been really nice to have had a band of that calibre at the NRL GF...
  5. magpie_man

    Opening game could be a blinder

    I agree; I'm actually tipping an England victory here and, if they are any chance of toppling Samoa, this is their best chance. Home turf advantage with the unique climactic conditions will be a significant factor in England's favour early on. I also think that Samoa have the stronger team sheet...
  6. magpie_man

    The Case for Adelaide.....

    The AFL is cultural phenomenon in its heartlands; the NRL ain't getting anywhere near it anytime soon. However, the apparent gaping chasm between the TV rights deals should be a wake-up call for the NRL to pull their finger out when it comes to expansion to new markets (i.e. Perth & Adelaide)...
  7. magpie_man

    The Case for Adelaide.....

    I doubt Adelaide will get a sniff unfortunately; Perth (who are a far safer option out of the non-RL cities) are only, seemingly, getting a look-in if they align themselves with the Bears and surrender some of their home fixtures to Sydney. If that's the case, Adelaide are no chance. If the...
  8. magpie_man

    Which team will be the surprise packet this World Cup

    Ireland really impressed me in the last WC, I remember them getting absolutely brutalized by PNG in the suffocating heat of Port Moresby but just refusing to throw in the towel. Impressive stuff. Throw in Luke Keary, who is starting to hit his straps, and they may surprise a few. If Moses and...
  9. magpie_man

    PNG's back.

    The team would primarily have to be made up of local, homegrown players with the better ones perpetually being snatched away by the more attractive NRL clubs (sounds a lot like my team the Tigers lol). The only way that I could really see them being able to attract established players from...
  10. magpie_man

    2022 Origin III - Wed 13 Jul - QLD 22-12 NSW @ Suncorp

    Disappointing result but a ripper game, had it all. Stoked for Ben Hunt to grab the match winner, great player who is unfairly maligned. His kicking game, along with DCE's, was the difference in the end.
  11. magpie_man

    NZ v Tonga

    Can't wait for this one 😁
  12. magpie_man

    NZ should be favourites?

    I'd classify Joey Manu as world class, at centre or fullback. Kiwis have a stacked team, gonna be a ripper of a game, can't wait.
  13. magpie_man

    Three rounds in and 16th...

    Can't disagree with anything that has been said. Every other team from last season's bottom 8 have improved; we've stayed the same. Penrith are well ahead of the pack; WT are well behind.
  14. magpie_man

    Massive TV news for SL!

    Brilliant news 👍🏼
  15. magpie_man

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Good news for Penrith 👍🏼 I'd imagine the plan would be for some Pacific nations tests to be played there as well throughout the year. Women's origin, indigenous all-stars, Panthers finals fixtures - it should get way more than 12 events per year.
  16. magpie_man

    France wants to host 2025 World Cup

    It wasn't that long ago they were barely even looking in NZ
  17. magpie_man

    18th club, whose next?

    Unfortunately I think #18 will be NZ but it really should be Perth. Where would you even base another NZ team? Christchurch and Wellington have populations of only ~400 000 and are already dominated by Rugby Union. Phil Gould seems to think it should be located in Auckland, but what point of...

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