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    PNG Squad

    Josiah Abavu (Port Moresby Vipers), Paul Aiton (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats), Dion Aiye (Rabaul Gurias), Wellington Albert (Lae Tigers), Ase Boas (Rabaul Gurias), Jason Chan (Huddersfield Giants), Neville Costigan (Newcastle Knights), Israel Eliab (Port Moresby Vipers), Richard Kambo (Port...
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    RLWC Merchandise

    Training kit for some of the competing nations is now on sale at Lovell rugby. Stumbled across it whilst looking for something else. Anyone seen it anywhere else?
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    Russian Shirts

    Has anyone bought a shirt or other piece of merchandise from the Russian RL website? I was thinking about doing so but am a bit unsure about using a Russian website.
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    Eligibility Update Meanwhile, the RLIF say they have made significant progress in clarifying the rules on international eligibility and have stepped up their fight to eradicate drugs cheats from the game. There have been a host of cases in recent years of players switching...
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    Jamaica v South Africa - Spoilers

    Jamaica 10-0 according to RebellionRugby on twitter. That was posted 40 minutes ago. No update since then.
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    International Eligibility

    If the AMNRL decide not to have anything to do with the USARL (as seems likely from the tweets from the AMNRL people) then not only will the Tomahawks be weaker, but other countries won't be able to select players who play for USARL clubs. There's no way the RLIF can allow players from...
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    Richard Lewis' View on International Eligibility

    About a month ago I emailed Richard Lewis regarding the farcical nature of the current international eligibility situation. To his credit he replied pretty quickly and had some interesting things to say, and at first I decided not to release the details onto the internet, what with it being a...
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    Czech Republic v Serbia

    This website appears to be showing the game live. Kick off at 4pm in the UK (1am in Aussie?).
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    Changes for England

    It was noticable that the younger guys stood up today and made an impact: Crabtree, Burgess and Westwood ran hard with the ball and hit hard in the tackle. Tomkins and Eastmond were the ones who tried to move the ball around and take on the Aussie defence. Meanwhile the senior players (Peacock...
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    PNG Squad

    taken from Picked for the job Glen Nami and Kevin Frank rushed into PM’s 13s squad By KEVIN TEME Hard working and ever consistent CIVPAC/NCD Vipers outside centre Kevin Frank is one of the two new faces named in the PNG Prime Minister’s 13 that will take on the...
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    PNG Bid Website

    Not sure if this has been posted on here before, but the group behind the push for an NRL team in PNG has this website up and running. Soon be able to buy merchandise and become a member to support their bid. Also features an excellent video.
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    PNG NRL Bid Team

    I'm still not sure I see this thing actually coming off, but they seem to be stepping up their bid. And they have some interesting, and experienced, people involved. taken from NRL bid on track RUGBY LEAGUE By LESLIE OMARO AUSTRALIAN rugby league icon and...
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    RLEF Newsletter

    Some very interesting pieces of news in the latest issue of the newsletter. Lots of very hard work by lots of volunteers, and a smalll number of staff, and tgg seems to be making progress in a variety of areas. it can be found here
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    Cook Islands News

    taken from Good to see an expanded age range in the juniors, and a masters comp too. League gears up with busy start Friday 16: The Cook Islands Rugby League Association is gearing up for a two-day league sevens competition on January 23 and 24 to kick start the season. The...
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    Huge Increase in RL Funding

    Sport England have announced their new funding streams to various sports and the RFL have managed to secure a huge increase from £18million to almost £29.5million. To put it into context it is just £1million less than rahrah gets, which closes a gap that has always been very big. It's a huge...
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    CIRL not counting on Pacific Cup

    taken from I can see his point because the guys running the game in the cook Islands have spent a lot of money over the last 7 or 8 years, and continued to abide by the rules while others refused, and are obviously fed up of hearing rumours and false promises from other...
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    Michael Bani

    Anyone know why he didn't turn out for PNG in the world cup? He was named in their preliminary squad but then nothing after that. Injured?
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    Solomon Islands

    Reports in the Solomons suggest people there are trying to get tgg up and running, which is obviously good news. RUGBY players in the Solomon Islands will soon be introduced to a new...
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    Go get 'em Kumuls!

    article taken from Aizue wants shot at Kiwis FEARLESS Papua New Guinea hitman Makali Aizue has declared the reputation of New Zealand’s big name forward pack will count for nothing when the Gold Coast gets its first taste of the Rugby League World Cup on Saturday night...
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    Kumuls Getting Fired Up

    Taken from WC disrespect *Lam laments PNG Kumuls’ ‘pool of death’ * By DAVID KAPI EMOTIONS were frayed last night as the PNG Telikom Kumuls reiterated their disappointment with Rugby League World Cup organisers over their “unfair draw”. On the eve on their departure for...

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