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    Tigers Draw 2022

    Tigers have close to the easiest draw of any team for 2022, it’s a pity we’ve got the weakest side in the comp. A half decent side finishes top 4 off next years draw, I was giving us the spoon but now I think we might get as high as 13
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    James Maloney

    James Maloney has just quit playing. Here’s a bloke who’s won 2 premierships at two clubs, played in a Warriors side and got them to grand final, not only a fantastic player, good half, good footy brain but a bloke with an infectious personality. He’s a blokes sort of a bloke I reckon he’d be...
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    3 in a row, an impossible dream?

    Just got to thinking, is 3 in a row a possibility? We haven’t done it since April 2018 when everybody was on some sort of bus, that overturned somewhere in between Leichhardt & Concord in Oct 2018. Despite the rabble we have been this year we have won more games then last year, with a realistic...
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    Reserves Rd 18 - Magpies v Saints

    Good to see it live on TV. 18-6 at half time - Magpies lead. Disappointed with the standard. There really doesn’t seem to be anybody who is capable of taking it up a notch to NRL. I’ve heard big things on the forum about a couple of the boys but I don’t think there’s anybody in that team that...
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    Marsters and Nofoaluma Inciteful analysis of the interaction between Marsters and Nofo. Perhaps Nofo should run a different...
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    Sad future for the Tigers!

    This club really has imploded, it's a shame there's a few good players coming through but the last couple of months has ruined any chance of any of them becoming real stars. They cannot possibly recover without an injection of experienced PROFESSIONAL personnel, and let's face it the cancer...

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