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    Best not turn on Thursday Night with Matty Johns

    Our Maestro has made his triumphant return to the media. Analysis of Nathan Cleary's performance tonight "his deft kicking game resulted in points". Great insights from the man who once said that "tries from kicks don't count". They are about to discuss his coaching career on the "Matty's...
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    The change has to be made NOW !

    Another anger post. I know! But we can't just let our season slip away to nothing. Word is we are close to going overs on the second tier salary cap, thus making it a challenge now to promote and blood the younger brigade ahead of next year. Quite frankly this is like going...
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    Comparing our club to the sale of ice cream.

    Those who follow Formula 1 (thank god I have other sporting interests if I do say so) will know about the recent circus regarding the 2016 qualifying format. Sebastian Vettel has compared Formula 1's management to a bunch of Ice Cream salesman as a result... If you sell vanilla ice cream, but...
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    It's a cut-throat business

    First off all, glad the team won last night, albeit if it was a very scrappy performance. But lets face facts, this is a cut throat business. I challenge the power brokers at our club to answer the following questions: 1. How do you honestly rate our coaches performance this year? Based on the...
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    Widdop & Benji

    I can't hide my frustration anymore... Discuss. Since our last bye these guys have been poor at best. We've needed these two to take the reigns and lead the team around the paddock but it hasn't happened. Maybe I've been watching the wrong games? But some poor decisions from both these guys...
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    Travis Waddell

    Unwanted at the Knights beyond this season. Thoughts?
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    The boys must have watched the Socceroos effort this morning and took plenty of motivation from it. While it wasn't a totally polished performance, that was certainly much better than what has been dished up over the last couple of months. Cooper is developing into a great prop. Hope his...
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    Challenge from the fans to Steve Price

    No foot off the gas! No complacency! We want a very well prepared side to take the field at Shark Park this Saturday evening. It's the local derby. Form book goes completely out the window. Show us what this team is really made off. Show us what you are made off. Challenge to the fans... GET...
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    Charity Shield Side?

    Starting XIII 1. Dugan 2. Morris 3. Farrell 4. Beale 5. Nightingale 6. Widdop 7. Williams 8. Stockwell 9. Rein 10. Creagh 11. Frizell 12. Thompson 13. Merrin BENCH/OTHERS: Garvey Stanley Hunt de Belin Cooper Ah Mau Harrison Matthews Groat Quinlan Runciman Witt...
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    Gareth Widdop

    Just a little something to hopefully get us a bit pumped up and excited ahead of the pre-season and next year... Recently some of my Melbourne based colleagues were up in Sydney, and I got talking with one who just so happens to be a Melbourne Storm Corporate Member (I wasn't expecting to...
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    OT: Ben Barba

    Released from the Bulldogs and off to the Broncos. No suprises. The rumours have been circulating about the move since the end of the Origin series. Back on topic: I'm glad we wrapped up Dugan when we did. This surely now puts to rest any hope we had of Josh Morris coming home? Centre...
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    The future.

    Firstly, all due credit to the Tigers. Not just on todays performance, but for the smart moves that Mick Potter has made throughout this season in blooding their up and comers. The following players have been outstanding in a relatively poor season. James Tedesco David Nofoaluma Tim Simona...
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    Killing some more existing myths.

    I would like to kill a few other myths that currently exist. 1. Steve Price is signed as our coach until the end of 2014! That's right people. That means Laurie Daley, Tim Sheens, Tony Smith, Daniel Anderson, or (insert name) will not be taking over next year. Price was re-signed several...
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    Team vs. Titans Round 14

    Now that we know who is going to be in Origin 2: 1. Nightingale 2. Taigve 3. Emmett 4. Prior 5. Simmonds (we have signed him haven't we?) 6. Fien 7. Hornby (c) 8. Hunt 9. Rein 10. Weyman 11. Cuthbertson 12. Bosden 13. Young 14. Green 15. Greenfield 16. Gower 17. Marketo Is their any chance...
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    2011: The Road Ahead.

    As if we couldn't get any more prouder as supporters of this great club, this morning we conquered the world! Since I jumped on the Dragons as a four year old boy way back in 1990 it's been a mammoth roller coaster ride. 92, 93, 96, 99. The multiple early finals exits of the last 10 years and...
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    Starting Lock 2011 and back-row depth.

    So who will Sir Wayne go with for (at least) the opening part of the season? 13. Prior 9. Young BENCH: Fien or 13. Young 9. Fien BENCH: Prior & perhaps King as impact hooker If The Charity Shield and selections for this week vs. Dogs are anything to go by it looks like we're going with...
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    So, how many times have you watched the replay?

    I'm up to my 7th. It still hasn't fully sunk in. I have to watch it in private though because I start crying like a baby, normally about the time that the green light comes up for Youngy's try and then again when Captain Ben says "AND NOW WHERE HERE! LETS CELEBRATE IT!". :o PREMIERS BABY! WOOOOO!
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    Will we rest anyone this weekend?

    Coops and Nighty looked a bit worse for wear last Saturday. Will they be rested? Another member of the pack to also be rested, perhaps Creagh? Benny also mentioned in the Priddis farewell article that Luke will most likely play, being his swansong (barring injuries in the finals). 1. Boyd 2...
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    The game yesterday...

    Long time lurker first time poster. Having gone to the match in Brisbane yesterday and after pondering the events during the bumpy plane flight back... Since Wayne Bennett took over I've very rarely been upset with our losses, even in spite of what happened at the end of last season, I...

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