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  1. BunniesMan

    2020 has forced the NRL into having a better schedule. Let's make it permanent.

    By far the best part of this weird season has been the fact that we could have consistent week in and week out footy without Origin ruining 6 weeks of club footy. Every year certain teams are handicapped by losing key players to Origin or by being screwed on byes. Club footy has been better...
  2. BunniesMan

    We already know who the grand finalists will be.

    Parramatta v Canberra. Calling it now. Mark my words. Easily the standout teams, like they haven't missed a week. They looked good coming into the season and now they've proven corona hasn't interrupted them. Far and away the best teams. To be honest, it won't even be close and daylight will be...
  3. BunniesMan

    Souths v Easts will be the greatest grand final in history

    if it happens. The two standout teams of the season so far, 1 v 2, the only teams to have won 7 games in the first 8 weeks, the top 2 attacks. If the season goes on how it has started, and the best two teams go on to make the grand final, and if those two teams are the foundation clubs with...
  4. BunniesMan

    Refs are giving too few penalties

    Complete and utter morons were complaining last year about too many penalties. A game with 6 penalties is not necessarily reffed better than a game with 40 penalties. Last night , repeatedly, the defensive line would be within 2 metres of the bloke with the ball as soon as he got it from the...
  5. BunniesMan

    The Cowboys are destroying Thurston's legacy

    If a team can win in September without a player, that player is not an immortal. He is not as good as people think when there is so little difference between how good the Cowboys are with him and without him. This season is a big asterisk on his CV.
  6. BunniesMan

    The Knights last 4 weeks.

    5 weeks ago this Knights team beat the Tigers which is their only win so far this year. Since then they have lost 4 in a row. 53-0 26-10 (poor effort from Manly) 38-0 62-0 That's a month that adds up to 179-10. What's going on at the Knights. How far back do you have to go to find a...
  7. BunniesMan

    RTS out for the season. ACL.

    Huge news. Effectively rules out the Warriors as a premiership chance. Slow start to the season combined with this. The silver lining is it might give Andrew Mcfadden an excuse to save him from being sacked.
  8. BunniesMan

    Which team ends their premiership drought next?

    Two droughts have ended in the last 2 years. Souths won after 43 years and then the Cowboys won their first in their 20 year history. For arguments sake lets define 'drought' as going a decade or more without a premiership. I'll give you the hot tip: Sharks to shock the world and win after...
  9. BunniesMan

    Why is Guerra not facing a suspension?

    He admitted to cheating to gain a penalty. And not just any cheating, this isn't staying down to pretend there was a high shot when there wasn't. This was the kind of cheating that can kill you or permanently cripple you. This is a thousand times worse than throwing a bottle at someone. The...
  10. BunniesMan

    Why would a billion dollar organisation act this way? Billion dollar contract. Massive surpluses as far as the eye can see. And it leads to this? This is a non profit organisation. The NRL is meant to operate...
  11. BunniesMan

    Adam Reynolds and Blake Austin are the future for NSW.

    Laurie Daley simply must go with Austin at 6 and Reynolds at 7 in 2016. Their games are perfectly suited. Adam Reynolds is the organizer and can control a game with his kicking. Once he gets NSW into the opposition 20, Austin's magic can take over to make special things happen. It would...
  12. BunniesMan

    Is Cameron Smith the last of an extinct species?

    This article says a lot that I agree with and that is on my mind everytime I see an Origin replay from the 90s or earlier: In an age where almost every player has bigtime speed or bigtime...
  13. BunniesMan

    Phil Gould: "What have they done to my beloved game"

    Very strong words from one of the best footy brains around. I agree with every word. Things have to change bigtime...
  14. BunniesMan

    External draft? Internal draft? Both? Neither? Two of the most respected people in rugby league have very different opinions on this. Wayne Bennett wants the NRL and state bodies to take over junior...
  15. BunniesMan

    Manly releases Watmough. Real changing of the guard at Manly. In full rebuild mode now. No Watmough, no G Stewart for 2015. They've made the finals an...
  16. BunniesMan

    Dragons release Brett Morris.

    Incredible. Surely a big chance for the spoon in 2015? How far they've come from the 2009-2011 era. How can they possible be even near the cap.
  17. BunniesMan

    Which grand final drought ends next?

    We're finally a part of the big day for the first time in 43 years, ending an extremely long drought. Nobody else has a drought that long. But if we define a gf drought as more than 5 seasons, which of the teams who haven't been there for a while will end theirs next? Current seasons without a...
  18. BunniesMan

    Must own PS4 games

    I've finally got around to ordering my PS4. I'm gettin Madden, Watch dogs and Last of us with it. Plus Fifa on release date. Other than that what are the games someone simply must have. I like all kinds of genres. Basically tell me who to give my money to.
  19. BunniesMan

    Trent Robinson: Cut interchanges to 8. Thoughts? For a Roosters employee Robinson seems like a decent bloke. I agree with him here. And we might see 8 interchange as soon as 2015.
  20. BunniesMan

    3 spots. 5 teams. 1 round. Who misses out?

    The teams that could fall out of the 8 and the teams that could come in are: 6. Melbourne - 30 - +66 7. Canterbury - 30 - +8 8. Brisbane - 28 - +103 9. New Zealand - 28 - +96 10. Parramatta - 28 - -90 The relevant games: Melbourne v Brisbane Canberra v Parramatta Gold Coast v Canterbury...

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