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    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    Yeah I agree with that. The landscape is changing but that doesn’t mean there is less demand for sports rights. There is definitely still demand for live sports and if anything there is more competition entering the market.
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    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    Soccer is the biggest sport in the world and the EPL is the biggest sporting comp in the world. Not sure what RL can really learn from that. Don’t get me wrong not even attempting to grow the game internationally has been a huge mistake but we’re not in a comparable situation.
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    The future of woman's RL

    The women’s game is a huge potential growth area but you won’t see that growth without investment. It’s true that based on revenue there probably should be a bigger divide in terms of pay but that’s not the right way to look at it IMO. Also I think the women’s game is important in terms of...
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    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    Being the grammar police is when you point out 1 random mistake like a missing comma. Panthers posts are just random garbage strewn together. Do you just randomly hit enter and space as you’re typing? It’s honestly hard to parse what the hell you’re doing when posting on this forum. It doesn’t...
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    18th club, whose next?

    For me the answer has to be either Perth or NZ2. The NRL needs to be looking at becoming a national game if for no other reason than the benefits for advertising. If you're a national brand you want to advertise to a national market. It doesn't matter that the AFL teams in NSW and QLD are...
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    18th club, whose next?

    After all these years of waiting for an expansion to 18 teams and now it feels like the most likely outcome is 2 more SEQLD teams. f**k me i know this sport is insular at times but I didn’t think it was this bad.
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    NRL to ditch digital arm

    Jesus this is a bad call. Short sighted as always.
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    80% of available practice time spent on defense/wrestle

    How can you possibly use the NFL as a positive example considering how slow and stop/start the sport is? Also it's a pretty funny time to be bringing up this same tired old complaint after a season where all anyone has done is complain that scoring points has been too easy.
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    Benji retires

    Get someone like him on the commentary team instead of the usual idiots.
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    2021 GF | PREMIERS - Penrith 14-12 South Sydney @ Suncorp

    Bloody hell how have Penrith scored only 1 try? They’ve had so much good possession.
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    2021 GF | PREMIERS - Penrith 14-12 South Sydney @ Suncorp

    f**king hell this entertainment is awful.
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    News Coronavirus and NRL

    Why do so many of the trolls on this forum post like this? It's not enough that the content of your post has to be total shit but the formatting has to be ugly as f**k as well?
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    News Coronavirus and NRL

    You can't compare our situation with other countries who have already let covid ravage their population. Our country doesn't have the nearly the same level of natural immunity nor have we let as big of a chunk of our vulnerable population die as other countries. Also get some perspective, a...
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    God damn it’s bad enough stumbling onto a Trump supporter but you actually like sky after dark? Damn son, you need to get yourself checked out.
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    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    Why should Covid necessarily mean a drop in money? More people are staying at home watching TV and streaming services are absolutely booming. If our ratings are going up and we’re adding extra content we should be hoping for a bigger deal IMO. It all depends on who we can get to bid.
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    2021 PF 1 Sat - Melbourne 6-10 Penrith @ Suncorp

    Picking Hynes was a huge tactical error and it's been clear that has been the case for weeks. We have struggled having 1 less forward on the bench pretty much since Paps returned. Then we lose Smith and Welch and all of a sudden the decision to go 1 forward down leaves us hugely exposed. That's...
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    All aboard the Bandwagon

    f**k that, penrith need to defend the honour of the not winning a premiership after conceding 50 thread. That shits about the only worthwhile reason to post on this forum.
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    2021 PF 1 Sat - Melbourne 6-10 Penrith @ Suncorp

    It's all hypotheticals but yeah i agree about Smith. The loss of Smith shifted a huge amount of extra workload to other forwards and we lost his X factor. I think he has been the heart and soul of our team this year. I feel bad because i didn't used to rate him at 9 but now i think he's close...
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    2021 PF 1 Sat - Melbourne 6-10 Penrith @ Suncorp

    I think it's a bit weird because people have been telling us for the past half a season that the premiership is literally ours already. Personally I think when it all settles down it will be pretty crazy to think how good the storm have done after losing that last of the big 3. Crazy season...

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