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  1. ozbash

    Tipping Comp. Round 2.

    Bugger..forgot.. Panthers, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Roosters, Storm, Tigers & Eels
  2. ozbash

    2020 Tipping Comp. All welcome.

    Eels Raiders Cowboys Knights Souths Roosters Storm Dragons
  3. ozbash

    Kearney sets fans' minds at ease.

    Egan's put them on notice.. There'll be noone left..
  4. ozbash

    Ho. Ho. Ho.

    Happy festivities guys. I'm following the fires with intrest..really feel for the people.. Hope you all stay safe.. Cheers to Rich, Em Kay and Meth for the awesome work keeping this place ticking over..
  5. ozbash

    Sonny Days

    Man, it comes around quick..
  6. ozbash

    OT. Sky City fire.

    No we got the Brynderwans blocking Auckland..
  7. ozbash

    Benji to captain Kiwis.

  8. ozbash

    Warriors membership renewals.

    Thought about it but not without a total cleanout/shake up. SK has to go..
  9. ozbash

    Tipping Competition. Leaderboard.

    Well done JJ.. Top effort mate.. Thanks Rich, you're a huge part in making this forum as good as it is..
  10. ozbash

    OT- Rugby World Cup

    Would have like Laumape in there as well..
  11. ozbash

    Warriors sale confirmed.

    He was useless...
  12. ozbash

    Tipping comp. Finals week 3.

    Raiders Chooks
  13. ozbash

    Tipping comp. Finals week 2.

    Soufs Storm
  14. ozbash

    Tipping Competition. Leaderboard.

    Bonus points ! I should get triple for that brilliance..
  15. ozbash

    Tipping Comp. Finals week 1.

    Roosters Raiders Manly Eels
  16. ozbash

    Tipping Comp. Round 25.

    Roosters Eels Storm Raiders Broncos Dragons Tigers Panthers
  17. ozbash

    Tipping Comp Round 24

    Cows Souths Broncos Knights Manly Roosters Raiders Tigers
  18. ozbash

    Tipping Comp. Round 23

    Eels Cows Souths Sharks Tigers Roosters Storm Raiders
  19. ozbash

    Tipping Comp. Round 22.

    Eels Broncos Knights Raiders Souths Roosters Sharks

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