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  1. St Georgio

    Premiers 2020

    Yes Please
  2. St Georgio

    Hook's Heroes

    Hey Old Timer what is your claim to Fame on this Funny Forum?
  3. St Georgio

    'True Believers'

    I agree with 99% with this, it was a relief seeing the Red V win it, I personally have become more emotional with other sports, which is quite strange, when the Dragons have been my number 1 team since the late 70's, for example when Liverpool came back from the dead to beat Barcelona to win the...
  4. St Georgio

    Jack Bird

    No Thanks
  5. St Georgio

    Football Staff for 2021

    Nuh, sometimes you need the softy in the group, Hook,Gentle and Elliot will be such a great combo, 100 times better than what we have since 2011.
  6. St Georgio

    Round 20 vs Storm

    9.Hunt/McInness 7.Clube/Hunt 6.Sullivan 1.Dufty Goodbye Norman!
  7. St Georgio

    Football Staff for 2021

    I don't mind Jamie Soward on board, he does have a great understanding of the game, he is another worth listening too.
  8. St Georgio

    Football Staff for 2021

    John Howard as assistant coach, then John Hewson and then Morris Iemma!
  9. St Georgio

    Dean Young

    I actually think the players have clock off for the year, they know DY won't be coach, they know they won't be playing finals footy, my only acceptable excuse is self preservation full a tough gruelling off season training under hook. The Last and final year playing with their old fellas and the...
  10. St Georgio

    Dean Young

    Adam O'Brien Personal information Born Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia Coaching information Club Years Team Gms W D L W% 2020– Newcastle Knights 17 10 1 6 59% Dean Young Club Years Team Gms W D L W% 2020– St. George Illawarra 4 1 0 3 25% Please Explain somebody?
  11. St Georgio

    Dean Young

  12. St Georgio

    Dump Norman For Sailor .

    Funny though, I remember him and Hunt were having a field day against us back when Hook was head coach at the Donkeys DY should phone a friend, phone hook for some advice on Norman.
  13. St Georgio

    Dean Young

    We need a complete fresh start with fresh Ideas, as far as DY is concerned the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, he need to go far far away from the Dragons
  14. St Georgio

    Dean Young

    Deano Deano Young applied for the position and D Furner says we are Top 4 Material OMG. So in reality Griffin had no real threats, the good old hook has his work cut out and and as far as assistant DY can go to the Tigers, we need a complete fresh start!
  15. St Georgio

    Dean Young

    Most of all the Greatest coaches were average players, BTW on Triple M Brent Reed mentioned DY was in hot demand as an assistant, particularly the Tigers were interested. Personally I would be happy to keep him on at the Dragons..
  16. St Georgio

    from the other side..good times ahead

    Are we at 1 Premiership or 16 Premierships?
  17. St Georgio

    Phil gould and congratulations

    I just hope Gould who was once apparently a Dragons supporter is happy to see the Dragons succeed with Hook as coach and doesn't death rides the Dragons during games, because as an outsider who knows what the truth is, but the crap will come up to top when the Dragons are killing it!
  18. St Georgio

    100% Official Griffin for the next 2 years

    I take your posts with a grain of salt.
  19. St Georgio

    100% Official Griffin for the next 2 years

    Maybe it takes us to jump and down like spoilt brats, this appointment is no brainer making everybody from all sides happy.