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  1. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    One Horse Race Have a read. Laughing unless you are one of the bookies.
  2. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Exclusive Scoop

    Was at the Raiders HQ today to renew membership. Saw Carney in the gym doing leg strengthening work and then saw Neil Henry come in and look at the front and back cover of the paper. BTW, should be on about the 30 metre line now. Kicks arss.
  3. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Music at the stadium

    This is a question for those people who attended some games this year.... One of the songs (if it even is a song) played before kickoff and again at half time sounds a bit like the music in Wolfmother's Thief in the Night track, one of Eminem's tracks and also a bit like the start of Right Here...
  4. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Raiders wait on Logan

    From Raiders wait on Logan 17 Jul, 2007...
  5. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    CRT ..... and Response time???

    Just wondering if such thing exists in CRT televisions? They tend to sell some digitals by promoting their response time of 8ms. If CRT has a response time, does anybody know what that would be? Cheers
  6. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Adelaide test already has draw written all over it

    Title says it all. All the Poms need to do is get a couple of hundred more on the board and they virtually can't lose it. The Aussies will really need to be at the top of their game to even get a draw out if this, I feel.
  7. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    An impossible brain buster???

    Just looking at a brain busters site (, I came accross this one: Stopping along the trail to rest, Judy saw that one-third of the rest of the group from the Girl Scouts was behind her and three-fourths were ahead. Not...
  8. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Fluorescent Lighting

    Does anyone know anything much about the amount of energy these save compared with the amount that they require to start up? I've heard that you are better off leaving them on while out of the room for a short while rather than turning them off. So the big question is: how long would you have...
  9. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Cheap versus expensive brands: PLASMAS and LCDs

    What are the pros and cons of buying a cheap screen compared to a more expensive, well recognised brand? The obvious ones are that it is obviously better on your pocket, but the quality is usually a street or 2 behind. Also, does it make a difference when repairs are needed i.e. getting...
  10. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    The Date Game

    Have a look at this site: See if you can beat the computer.
  11. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Days of Heaven ad on Fox Classics

    Just wondering if anyone on here knows what the music they played on the ad for Days of Heaven is called? Thanks :)
  12. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Text Types Scoring for Next Year's F7s???

    I have come up with an idea to introduce in next year's F7s (if you aren't already using it anyway???) an index where different text types (narrative, exposition, discussion etc) score differently according to difficulty. This would work much the same as gymnastics does (at least as I understand...
  13. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Tony Archer in Round 23

    Classic request from the ref last night as he said something like: "I just wanna check one thing: the offside and the grounding." Correct me if I am wrong, but that is actually 2 things, Mr Archer.
  14. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Web Hosting

    I'm wanting to start up my own site and need to buy a package to do so. I'm wondering if the bargain option at this site is any good: If not, what would be a good site to go for? Thanks
  15. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Well done, Raiders brothers

    The Lions have just been defeated by the Raiders in this round of F7s. Unfortunately, I am a Lion. Again, well done gents :D
  16. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Simple Javascript Function

    I'm looking into creating a feature in my webpages where the user clicks on an image which then loads a previously hidden area which contains two hyperlinks. This area would not then disappear once the mouse moves away from the spot it clicked on. I think that I probably need to use the...
  17. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Championship on FOX?

    I got my Austar Guide a few days back and noticed that they will be covering the Coca-Cola Championship. Anyone got any further details on that?
  18. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Caller ID

    Is there any cost with Telstra for caller ID and do you need to contact them to have it turned on? Cheers
  19. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Phone Compatability

    We currently have a phone like this (but it is a telstra touchphone 400 rather than a 300 as shown) Is it easy to just put in a new phone system in place of it or do telstra have some sort of lock on it? Any help would be appreciated :D
  20. TiTTieS_[CNTDN]

    Centering web page content for different resolutions

    Just wondering how you would go about having a small amount of content on a single web page appear in the very middle (horizontal and vertical) no matter what setting the end user is using e.g. 600x800 or 768x1024. Is it possible (and easy) to do it using divs?

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