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    New NRL store.

    If anyone is interested a new NRL store opened in Birkenhead Point. I was just in there for a bit today, it's pretty small but they seem to have all the teams and they are a bit cheaper than where I've seen. They had a fair bit of Manly and Warriors stuff as well. Just putting it out there.
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    Clippers and Jazz new jerseys.

    Clippers I thought this was a joke. Maybe it's the lighting but does their road uni look orange to anyone? They had one of the best jerseys (home road and alternate) in the league and then they replaced them with these. :lol...
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    NBA changes.

    Warriors, Jazz, Clippers, Magic all have new logos. Warriors and Jazz will have new jerseys. Clippers might be making minor changes to their jersey as well. Sportslogos dosen't have the Clippers new logo yet.
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    NBA pics from my trip.

    I finally got around to it. If anyones interested just click the link to the photobucket I made. Just some from my trip. If people want to see more pics form a game ill put em up. Enjoy.
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    What number to retire 8 or 24.

    I have been thinking about this while waiting for a delayed flight. When the Lakers retire Bryant's number what will they retire? 8 or 24? Personally I think they should retire both as both represent 2 different Kobe eras with the Lakers. The first his 3 peat and younger years and the 2nd is...
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    Nba 08/09

    For talk about the 08/09 NBA season.
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    Quick PSP question.

    Im getting a PSP and just wondering about the games Are Playstation Portable games region free?
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    Sydney Spirit.,22049,24010335-5001023,00.html I think this is a stupid move TBH. I mean why aleinate your existing supporters and also distance former Kings fans? The Spirit? FFS it sounds like a netball or womens hockey team. Ill support them because...
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    Nbl 08/09

    Thread for general NBL discussion. With the NBL season around the corner who do you think will be the big movers and shakers in the league? My pick for most improved team would be South Dragons with the big additions of Worthington and Goorgian along with an improving Ingles I can see them...
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    Congrats Tigers.

    Congrats on a great Grand Final series to both teams and especially the Tigers for taking the crown. Well done.
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    Happy Birthday Roosters.

    :D :D :D :D :D Happy Birthday to this great club.
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    Help with a movie.

    Im trying to find a movie I saw a while ago. I cannot find anything on it anywhere. Any help would be massivly appreciated. OK A boy (I think his name was Stevie) and a girl are at boys house before walking to school. The boy is sort of psychotic. They go up into his Mums room where they...
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    Should the NBL help the Hawks?

    With the Hawks current financial woes should the NBL step in and help Wollongong get out of their current situation? I'm of the opinion that they should seeing that apart from the fact that the Hawks are a foundation club they are in a market that the NBL cannot lose IMO. Thoughts?
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    People with orange stars

    We rule :thumb:music1:
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    Roosters re-sign Sa and Frank Paul.

    The Sydney Roosters have today confirmed the re-signing of young kiwi prop Frank-Paul Nuuausala. The signing kicks off a big week for the 19 year old who will play his first NRL game this Wednesday in the Anzac Day clash against the Dragons. Nuuausala joined the club in 2006 and the new...
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    Why don't the NRL do something like this?

    Why don't the NRL open a rugby league superstore? Im just wondering because I went to the NBA Store in New York today and I have to say WOW. Why don't they open one up in the city somewhere and just sell everything they can? Im sure others would agree with me that an NRL superstore could make a...
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    Your 06/07 NBL Champs are...

    The Brisbane Bullets. Well done boys you have finally broken your playoffs voodoo.
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    Razors could fold. Need new owners.

    Sad but true according to the Telegraph today. I for one don't want them to go. Western Sydney NEEDS to be represented in the NBL as does Canberra and Newcastle. Looks like they are going to get up tonight against the Hawks and I hope that if they win it impresses the new consortium that is...
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    Sia a Rooster until 2009 Im happy :D
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    Big Warriors Pacers trade. Warriors Acquire Harrington, Jackson, Jasikevicius and Powell From Pacers Golden State Sends Dunleavy, Murphy, Diogu and McLeod To Indiana Al Harrington averaged 15.9 points and 6.3 rebounds in 36 games...

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