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    Rumoured Signings

    Hopefully he doesn't use Inglis's travel agent if it's raining
  2. 9701

    News Once a dickhead.....

    The REAL truth about Australia Day. Australia Day has nothing to do with Captain Cook or Botany Bay The Landing of Captain Cook at the site of Sydney happened on the 28th of April 1770 - NOT on the 26th of January 1770. The first fleet arrived in Australia on 18 January 1788 and landed at Botany...
  3. 9701

    Predictions 2021 top 8 predictions

    One would say you can point Capewell to a hole and he will go for glory.
  4. 9701

    I have given a name to my Payne

    No Origin for him this year then? No Dickhead policy and all.
  5. 9701

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas to all except Storm, Bronco's and Manly supporters. f**k you guys xxx
  6. 9701

    News Jarryd Hayne convicted of aggravated sexual assault

    Thus proving us Novocastrians are far more upstanding citizens then our Southern brethren.
  7. 9701

    Rumoured Signings

    No chance he gets a start at manly, they already have Levi starting.:p
  8. 9701

    News Brent Naden - positive test to a recreational drug on grand final night

    I used to race on a YZ 80 F back when the XR75 was a thing. My brother was upper class he got a brand new YZ 80 H when they came out (first of the watercooled ones)
  9. 9701

    2020 Origin III - QLD 20-14 NSW @ Suncorp

    Bradman Best will be our saviour next year (the guy from my team) Have you heard he is a beach sprinter?
  10. 9701

    Rumoured Targets 3

    It's obvious, he has the chance to play with Mitch Pearce.
  11. 9701

    Please Don't sack Seibold

    GTFO my Mum's house in Ippy doen't have a basement
  12. 9701

    News Drugs, sex, domestic violence: football's dark cover up

    I personally am not putting much faith in my team :(
  13. 9701

    News Drugs, sex, domestic violence: football's dark cover up

    Would not surprise me in the least that an order from the top of the NRL has been sent to Sundays Refs that Newcastle is to win at all costs, they wont want Souths in the finals a second longer then they need to be, try and mitigate the media scrutiny.
  14. 9701

    Congrats Broncos

    Nope it actually happened, after the gme Boyd did a gender reveal for his 3rd kid.
  15. 9701

    News Josh Reynolds DV accusation (charges dropped 26/2/20)

    I hope they are actual ex sasr soldiers and they show no mercy on these pieces of crap. This plastic fantastic chick wont last more than a couple of episodes if they are fair dinkum
  16. 9701

    Rumoured Targets 3

    Seen him play a couple of times now, seems like he will become a good solid player
  17. 9701

    Please Don't sack Seibold

    So they pay him out a Million "on normal peoples money" and the rest is in Andrew Gee Dollars as there is also a cap for football operations is there not?
  18. 9701

    Rumoured Targets 3

    Really needs to work on his defence, watch the video verse leeds, when they score the majority of times Young had rushed up. Also seems a little lazy, great in attack but for example when his team scores everyone else runs in to congratulate the scorer, young meanders over.
  19. 9701

    Your top 5 overrated players of all time?

    Dave Taylor should rate a mention

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