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  1. ALSGI

    Most embarrassing Dragons fans moments

    This BBQ gate drama is pretty embarrassing as a Dragons Tragic. The gathering itself was extremely disappointing and I think most got off lightly but the reports (not confirmed or denied) of how they reacted to being busted is so bloody embarrassing as a fan. Webb was spot on about how the...
  2. ALSGI

    Short v Long Dropkick restarts?

    No brainer when in desperate need of getting the ball back, right? I actually like the enterprise of doing it at other times too. As others have pointed out the ball (tackle) can end up in the same spot regardless of how far it’s kicked anyway so why not give our selves a chance of catching it...
  3. ALSGI


    Just wanted to say a big Thank YOU Mate to member getsmarty for the ever diligent and relentless updates for all of us. Also commending his comments (presuming he’s a gent) are always respectful. Well done champ and please keep it up, you make this forum worthwhile visiting.
  4. ALSGI

    Lost Interest

    Hello fellow forumers, First post in months. I’ve almost lost any interest for my beloved Dragons after 50+ years. I got to the point where I started hating the club so the break from here has done me good. I have a quick look on here every now again but it’s pretty short lived. The Board...
  5. ALSGI

    Membership 2020

    If McFade is still coach next year I’m only watching our 2nd half and pretend it’s nil all. I’m hoping that the club will offer a ‘2nd half’ membership next year so we can arrive at half time and still have a seat reserved.
  6. ALSGI

    Round 1 v Cowboys

    Cowboys in Townsville. Lived up there for 3yrs and I really know the crowd will be a huge factor, especially after the recent floods and community spirit. Their local media will be in a frenzy already. Huge pressure on the Cowboys to win. They’ll throw absolutely everything at us for this one...
  7. ALSGI

    2019 NRL Squad

    I think 2019 looks promising and we will be in most top 8 predictions. Expectations will certainly be higher than they were this year. Notwithstanding any other new recruits the team for 2019 imo looks like : 1. Dufty 2. MacDonald 3. Lomax 4. Lafai 5. Periera 6. Widdop 7. Hunt 8. Graham 9...
  8. ALSGI

    SOO 3

    Righto folks game night. Personally, I’m struggling to get excited for this one. Dead rubber? The media say there’s no such thing in SOO but honestly, So f**kcing what if Qld win. What impact on the salary cap will paying bonuses next year to our reps have? This hasn’t been mentioned much...
  9. ALSGI

    Dragons v Bye

    I think we can bounce back here. Can’t remember the Bye’s winning a game but they’ll step up against the benchmark Dragons if they can emulate Penwiff’s linespeed from 5m back. Only changes I would make are Lomax should replace JDB in the middle, Kerr in for Nighty on the wing and Host to 7...
  10. ALSGI

    Round 10 V Souths

    So here we go again, Sunday 2pm again and playing Souffs again.So that’s only 8 teams we’ve played in the first 10 rounds which is stupid. Anyway it’s away at ANZ and by the looks of some of the boys a 7 day turn around will be welcomed although Souffs will have 9 days after beating the Knights...
  11. ALSGI

    Manly v Parra (yeah, I know, who cares)

    54 to zip. Bloody hell. Did Thommo score all the tries? Did The Haine Train miss the bus? I reckon Barrett phoned Mary for advice. FMD.
  12. ALSGI

    Sack Latimore

    I’ve emailed the ICAC, UN, NATO, FBI, KGB, Greenpeace, CIA, ASIO, Ray Hadley and Pauline Hanson. Latimore was supposed to be a depth player FFS and he’s getting FG minutes - that’s blatant, in our face bad shit. Don’t care if this Lat’s bloke is doing his job, bending the line, making metres...
  13. ALSGI

    Toronto Wolfpack

    Anyone recognise their poster boy ??? Toronto Wolfpack have announced their intention to dominate the 2018 BetFred Championship with a 34-12 victory over Leigh Centurions on Sunday. Making their debut in the English rugby league’s second tier following their promotion as League 1 winners...
  14. ALSGI

    Round 1 Dragons v Broncos at Kogarah

    Only 5 sleeps peeps, can hardly wait. All the conjecture about our 17(18) will come to a screaming halt on Tuesday arvo. For me, I think we will win regardless of the selections but I’d like to see Mann, Lomax and Host in the 17 not Aitken, Nighty and Luciano. Most factors seem in our favour...
  15. ALSGI

    What are you most looking forward to in 2018 ?

    Now that Manly and Sharks have been spectacularly eliminated I'm strugling with any interest in the rest, just don't care much. Amazes me how there's been total silence from our CEO and Chairman, no messages to members and fans, nothing. So my sights are on 2018, we're stuck with Mary and his...
  16. ALSGI

    Positive ONLY thread

    Wow, so much negativity on here, including from me too, it's truly depressing. Thought I'd start a positive thread which I'm sure will go to shit but here goes. This time last year we were in 12th position, on 20 points with a for and against of -165. This year we're in 9th, on 24 points and...
  17. ALSGI

    Dragons v Titans Round 23

    I can't wait for this game, really excited for a Saturday arvo Kogarah game. Forecast is Sunny day about 18. The band will be playing, the boys will be pumped and the ever faithful fans will be be there in our best Saturday arvo gear. Should be at least 3 Titans fans there after their 54 point...
  18. ALSGI

    Nightingale extension

    I'm an old St George fan that grew up in Kogarah and love my Dragons way too much. Nighty is a legend (one of my favourite Dragons ever) and deserves every accolade he gets for what he's achieved. The rapture over Nighty's extension really pisses me off though. He's too slow FFS. It's not his...
  19. ALSGI

    How to Fix Dragons

    If you were Head Coach how would you fix our current predicament and pull us out of this downhill slide for the rest of the year? We have Canberra away then Manly at home before Knights away in the next 3 games. Me; I'd stick with Mann at 7 with instructions to both him and McInnes to get...
  20. ALSGI

    Round 17 Dragons v Titans

    Ok, new round and we're away from home on a Friday night. I predicted we'd lose to the Knights early last week and still thought we'd lose just before kick off but glad I was so, so wrong! We never looked like losing! So to give the Dragons the best chance possible, I'm predicting another loss...

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