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  1. This Year?

    What is the first thing you will do when you get out of lockdown?

    I will get as far as possible away from Sydney to go fishing. What will you do?
  2. This Year?

    What happened to the F7's?

    Just wondering what happened to the F7's. I thought they were a great read and hope to see a new comp. I'd maybe even have a crack myself but I butcher the English language like a chinaman with a meat cleaver. Cheers!
  3. This Year?

    What do you do after a loss?

    Today's loss has hit me harder than usual. I have this gut wrenching feeling that is staying with me and i need to get rid of it. What do you do to get rid of it'?
  4. This Year?

    OT - celebrity crushes

    Which celebrity do you have a crush on? Mine is Anne Hathaway.
  5. This Year?

    What will you do this weekend?

    I'm going fishing. Being a Saints fan the last 5 weeks hasn't been fun so it's nice to get a break from it all. What will you be doing?
  6. This Year?

    Why is a precedent set when it's one of ours?

    Friz gets 2 matches for touching a ref, no other player gets charged with JT and other players touching refs after the rule was introduced without being charged. McInnes gets penalised for passing into an opposition player in the ruck. No other player penalised ( I can't think of any other...
  7. This Year?

    Josh Dugan appreciation thread

    With the season on the line he drops the ball in the in goal area leading to a Broncos try and then drop the ball in the act of scoring a try. Creates a gap for the Broncos to run through pretty much all game and dogged it when he stayed down after the Maguire tackle. Stats: 8 hitups 34 metres...
  8. This Year?

    2017 Draw

    Would love to hear everyone's opinion on the draw. Me personally I hate the RGRV and I am over seeing the Titans and Knights at Kogarah. The worst ones for mine are the home games against the Bulldogs and the Tigers at ANZ. We would get no home advantage at all. It would be nice to play the...
  9. This Year?

    Competition points for byes

    I don't like it. Why should a team get 2 points when they don't even play? Thoughts?
  10. This Year?

    Cuthbo gone? Will Matthews and Jeremy Latimore in. I guess Cuthbo will go :( :(. Does anyone know anything about Will Matthews and Jeremy Latimore?
  11. This Year?

    Winning at all costs can turn fans off. I don't think any Saints fan could be turned off by watching our team win back to back Minor Premierships, a Premiership and a World Club Challenge.
  12. This Year?

    The Final Report

    I hope this gives some of you closure.
  13. This Year?


    Fkn refs...ref scum.:crazy:
  14. This Year?

    Chin up guys.....

    In light of what happened over the last 2 weeks I think the Panthers have had a great season. All the so called critics would never have predicted a top 4 finish for them, and the younger players will be better for the experience. I hope the usual LU trolls aren't too harsh on you guys.
  15. This Year?

    Poll: Successful season.

    What do you think would be a successful season for your team?
  16. This Year?

    Which team has the most one-eyed supporters?

    Which team do you think has the most one-eyed supporters???
  17. This Year?

    No matter what happens during the finals....

    I'm happy that the Dragons made it after being written off at the start of the season. Every season seems to be a rollercoaster ride and this one is no exception. It would be great to see them get deep into the finals but if they don't win on Saturday night (unless they have a shocker) I won't...
  18. This Year?

    Footy Guide 2008

    Phil Gould predicts... Who would have thought making the preliminary final twice in recent years would be "disappointing"?
  19. This Year?

    You gotta feel sorry for this bloke

    I was looking at youtube last night and found this....
  20. This Year?

    Rangi Chase slap yourself!!

    For falling for Ryan Hoffman's dummy after the scrum win. That was a very soft try and should never have happened. Remember.... the most dangerous man is the man with the ball (especially when he is only 10-15m out from your line).

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