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  1. Sean18

    KOTW Round 6 vs Eels 2012

    2 - Mullen 2 - Sau 2 - Roberts
  2. Sean18

    KOTW Round 5 vs Storm 2012

    3 - McManus 3 - Mullen
  3. Sean18

    Cooper Cronk press conference tomorrow 10.30am sharp

    ‎@RLW_Mole's hot tip: Cooper Cronk will LEAVE @MelbStormRLC tomorrow. Going to @sydneyroosters, @NRLKnights, @GCTitans or @NRL_Dragons.
  4. Sean18

    KOTW Round 4 vs Bulldogs 2012

    2 - Mullen 2 - Buderus 2 - Snowden
  5. Sean18

    KOTW Round 3 vs Broncos 2012

    2 - Mullen 2 - McManus 2 - Bedsy
  6. Sean18

    KOTW Round 2 vs Sharks 2012

    2. Snowden 2. Mullen 1. Buderus 1. Boyd
  7. Sean18

    Wayne Bennett's Knights set to sign Dragon's hooker Cameron King

    BEAU Scott won't be the only St George Illawarra player to be leaving the Dragons for old coach Wayne Bennett's Newcastle Knights. The club's outstanding Australian Schoolboys hooker Cameron King is also on the radar of Bennett as a long-term replacement for veteran Danny Buderus. We can't...
  8. Sean18

    Knights Sign Beau Scott

    You never know with the old management we had.
  9. Sean18

    KOTW Round 1 vs Dragons

    3. McManus 1. Edwards 1. Faas 1. Mullen
  10. Sean18

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    We've got ManUre at home next in the FA cup. We've also been linked to Demba Ba and Eric Abidal.
  11. Sean18

    The one thing you really want in 2012

    Besides a premiership, to play high quality consistent football every match.
  12. Sean18

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    Not good enough! We can't beat blackburn at home! this is unacceptable.
  13. Sean18

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    Suarez getting banned for 8 matches is f**king bullshit
  14. Sean18

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    I would love to see him in a Liverpool jersey, he is a gun player but this isn't going to happen.
  15. Sean18

    How well will Souths do in 2012

    With no decent half in their team the best they can hope for is 7th or 8th.
  16. Sean18

    Tinkler officially cracks the Billion mark.

    Just on the facilities, has anything started to be built yet or are they in the planning stage or something?
  17. Sean18

    Mason and O'Donnell

    How's Korbin Sims going?
  18. Sean18

    Doggiesbro dump

    Cannot believe i read that shit, that was f**king pathetic.
  19. Sean18

    Knights 2012 Draw

    The only commentators i hate are the ones when we played the Warriors in NZ. They were f**king terrible.

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