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  1. shear_joy9

    Matt Nable

    Seriously Fox what are you doing to us. I have to fight the urge to destroy my tv every time his shitty promos come on. To make it worse they seem to be getting longer
  2. shear_joy9

    Fox virtual audio wonder how this will play out. I don't think there was any problem with no crowd noise in round 2.
  3. shear_joy9


    With Canberra now sitting bottom on the ladder under the masterful guidance of Dave Furner it's funny seeing who are directly above us. 13. St George Illawarra 14. North Queensland 15. New Zealand 16. Canberra So in 13th place we have the St George Raiders a team flooded with Canberra's...
  4. shear_joy9

    Round 1 @Penrith

    expected lineup: 1. Josh Dugan 2. Reece Robinson 3. Jarrod Croker/Jack Wighton 4. Blake Ferguson 5. Sandor Earl 6. Josh McCrone 7. Sam Williams 8. David Shillington 9. Shaun Berrigan 10. Dane Tilse 11. Josh Papalii 12. Joel Thompson 13. Shaun Fensom Interchange: 14...
  5. shear_joy9

    the curse that is matthew elliott

    remains winless in finals football. the only way penrith can win next week is if they punt him out of the club asap.
  6. shear_joy9


    I love the Tongue, but with a full strength team I don't see a place for him. He's re-signed for another 2years at $300k+ which imo is a huge mistake. Fensom has shown he's more than capable of owning the 13. Playing Tongue and Fensom in the same side is a waste as it takes away an attacking...
  7. shear_joy9

    Dobson to return? I'd take him back. He's in excellent form for hull and his defence has improved alot since he was with canberra. I can't see hull releasing him though.
  8. shear_joy9

    Re-signing news big Scotty could play on!
  9. shear_joy9

    Fensom re-signs good news. He certainly deserved more time on the field last season; furner barely allowed him to break a sweat.
  10. shear_joy9

    McLinden retires wish him all the best for the future. It was dissapointing when he left, he could have been an all-time great for the raiders.
  11. shear_joy9

    Team of the Decade 2000-2009

    1. Clinton Schifcofske 2. Ken Nagas 3. Joel Monaghan 4. Adam Mogg 5. Phil Graham 6. Laurie Daley 7. Mark McLinden 8. Ruben Wiki 9. Simon Woolford 10. Luke Davico 11. Jason Croker 12. David Furner 13. Alan Tongue 14. Brett Mullins 15. Tom Learoyd-Lahrs 16. Troy Thompson 17. Terry Campese...
  12. shear_joy9

    Daniel DeVidot

    future legend;
  13. shear_joy9

    Canberra Stadium Just curious about locals views on this; What would you prefer: 1. Re-development of Canberra Stadium - increased capacity and under-cover seating for most of the ground 2. Brand-new stadium, ideally a smaller...
  14. shear_joy9

    Furner: should he stay or should he go?

    another game. another loss. we just witnessed an match of bemusing team selections, clueless interchanges and inept attacking football. How much longer would you keep the great man as coach? I personally would dump him and his lackey millward and promote mcfadden on temporary basis until...
  15. shear_joy9

    Finals Chances

    how confident is everyone that Canberra can make the top 8 this year? This is probably the least confident I've been before the start of a season for a long time. The team has alot of ?'s around it
  16. shear_joy9

    Carney Charged Malicious Damage

    just heard from sport's tonight accussed of jumping on cars in Goulburn
  17. shear_joy9

    New Raiders website

    had abit of a troll through the new site and it looks very nice. News and info very easy to find and it looks very professional. what is with the player profile photos? There is only about two players smiling with the rest looking doing a mug-shot or looking like they are auditioning for dumb...
  18. shear_joy9

    Hawthorn 2008 AFL Premiers

    well deserved; Hawks contained the cats brilliantly
  19. shear_joy9

    Toyota Cup 09

    not sure if this has been done before but what players in the current u/20's squad will be ineligible next season?
  20. shear_joy9

    Raiders vs Sharks travel info

    Countrylink Raiders Finals Information Today (Monday September 8), only Canberra Raiders members are able to purchase match day tickets for the Raiders V Sharks on Saturday night at Toyota Stadium. Tickets are on sale to the general public from 9am tomorrow (Tuesday September 9). How to get...

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