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  1. mongoose

    Could Euro Football Super League drive fans to RL?

    If this European Football Super League gets up and running could this drive fans to other sports such as Rugby League? So far it looks like all the big 6 Premier League clubs are going to join - Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal.
  2. mongoose

    Favourite Sports documentaries

    I haven't watched that many to be honest so wanted a thread where people can post their favourites and recommendations. (sorry if theres already a thread for this) I just rewatched the Mike Tyson one ("Tyson" 2008). Definitely worth watching. Lots is insight from the man himself into his...
  3. mongoose

    Where will the NRL be in 2030?

    With the 2010s over and no new clubs introduced I am interested to hear what your honest prediction is of what the NRL and also 2nd tiers will look like in 10 years time? I want your brutally honest opinion of what will happen, not just what you wish to see happen (i.e. 4 teams in Brisbane...
  4. mongoose


    Have you ever been with someone and you didn't like their smell? Before my current partner I was with a girl for about 6 months, physically I found her attractive and we got on pretty well but there was something wrong and I couldn't put my finger on it. I just wasn't that attracted to her and...
  5. mongoose

    Overrated snacks/foods

    M&M's - The plain ones are too sweet and get sickening very quickly. They're sort of bland as well to be honest. Avocado - I usually get Guac on my burritos and taco's but some people go nuts over Avo's, they are really nothing special. Twisties - I've never been big on Twisties, give me...
  6. mongoose

    Tool New Album - Fear Inoculum

    Released today. Thought I would start a thread for it since it's their first album in 13 years. Haven't listened to it yet though.
  7. mongoose

    The Iconic - retro NRL jerseys

    Anyone know if these jerseys are legit? I got some store credit and thinking about getting one.
  8. mongoose

    Record for keeping teams scoreless in a season

    The Raiders have so far kept three teams to 0 this season: Round 1 vs Titans - 21-0 Round 5 vs Eels - 19 - 0 Round 13 vs Tigers - 28 - 0 Would be interesting to know what the record is for number of times a team has kept their opposition scoreless in a season. Roosters in 2013 were a...
  9. mongoose


  10. mongoose

    Cornish vs Williams

    Solid game from Sam Williams against Manly. I thought his kicking game was great. I didn't see the Roosters game at all, was Cornish that bad? Who do you want to see at halfback?
  11. mongoose

    NSW vs QLD beaches

    Was having this debate with a mate from NSW. He reckons NSW has better beaches than QLD. He did concede that QLD has better beach weather though. I think Airlie and Coolangatta shits all over anything NSW has to offer but NSW probably has better surf. My mate thinks Wooloongong has some...
  12. mongoose

    Peter Wallace

    Since Milford is all but gone to the broncos and wallace is on the outer up in Brisbane maybe we can salvage something. Whats everyone's opinion on Peter Wallace at hooker? He's obviously got the defence for it plus he has a solid kicking game. I dont know what he would be like at hooker or if...
  13. mongoose

    Biggest Letdowns

    What games over the years were you really looking forward to that turned out to be huge disappointments? For the PS3 I think Gran Turismo 5 is still the biggest let down for mine. Very average graphics, barely an improvement from GT4 on PS2. Awful B-spec mode which is basically half the game...
  14. mongoose


    If the Sharks lose their final 2 games and the Tigers lose 1 game and we beat the Warriors next week we could finish 6th, unbeleivable.
  15. mongoose

    Thinking positively and Brisbane 2009

    Well since Furner is going nowhere I thought i would somehow try and think positively. I was thinking about the Brisbane Broncos in 2009 when from round 13 to round 21 they had probably their worst run of games in the clubs history which ended in their worst ever defeat at the hands of us 56 -...
  16. mongoose

    Team lineups for 2012

    Not sure if there is already a thread for this... Post your teams starting 17 Here's the Raiders. 1. Dugan 2. Ferguson 3. Croker 4. Berrigan 5. Robinson 6. Campese 7. McCrone 8. Shillington 9. Buttriss 10. White 11. Harrison 12. Thompson 13. Fensom 14. Learoyd Lahrs 15. Tilse 16. Papali...
  17. mongoose

    Clearly to Penrith?

    I imagine Phil Gould and panthers fans are licking there lips, Cleary may feel a little sick in the stomach leaving that warriors team to go to an average Panthers side to try and work wonders. Plus he will be under a lot of pressure and scrutiny with Gould watching over his shoulders at every...
  18. mongoose

    back to back premiers 97/98

    I want to know if people consider Brisbanes premierships in 97/98 back to back? I don't think they should be considered back to back as they were two different competitions with different teams, different seasonal structures and different rule interpretations. I have no problem with Brisbanes...
  19. mongoose

    Who will be 2011 premiers?

    Phil Gould said there was a big gap between the top 4 and the rest of the pack. So I want to see who everyone thinks the favorite is, dragons, storm, broncos, sea eagles or an outsider?
  20. mongoose

    2010 vs 2008

    How do you think we compare now to this time 2 years ago when we made a similar sort of run to the finals. I think we finished 13 - 11 that year as well, except our for and against was way better in 08 and we came in 6th. I think we were playing more attractive footy in 2008. Our attack was...

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