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  1. jk13

    All Stars vs Indigenous

    looks likely to go ahead. 1 player from every team. they get voted in by the public. if hindy can't go out as a premiership winner, let him achieve the lofty heights of All Star status. Vote 1 Hindy!
  2. jk13

    nrl cheats

    i can't believe after playing 4 the tigers, daine laurie is then allowed to play for the dogs at centre. this player transfer must b stopped
  3. jk13


    r we trying to reprogram the roles of the team as a result of the reduced interchange and its not working. e.g. they seem to be trying to mould fuiy into a starting semi-enduri prop and though he may get there eventually, it may take too long to be of benefit this year.
  4. jk13

    can hayne b future 5/8

    This kid is a born natural, does he have a passing & kicking game, etc to develop into 5/8? He reminds me of Hunt, also a future 5/8. You could potentially build a team around hayne at 5/8. btw, this long term not short term.

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