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  1. Mickyd39

    Ray Price should be on this list I wonder why Pricey was left of this list. He was just as great for Parra as the other players listed.
  2. Mickyd39

    Great way to finish a sh*t year
  3. Mickyd39

    Pre Sale tickets for Mudgee

    Did anyone receive the email with the password for the pre sale tickets for Mudgee game?
  4. Mickyd39

    Team V panthers trial Ricky Stuart's announced the team to play the Penrith Panthers this Saturday, February 23 at Centrebet Stadium. Here is who will be running out: 1. Jarryd Hayne 2. Cheyse Blair 3. Ryan Morgan 4. Willie Tonga 5...
  5. Mickyd39

    Weedler at his best

    Sandow gambling dramas resurface Sandow gambling dramas resurface Danny Weidler April 29, 2012 Read laterBe the first to comment THE LAST WORD Problems on and off the field ... Chris Sandow. THE focus on Chris Sandow's weight is hiding what appears to be the real issue with the...
  6. Mickyd39

    OT:Kangaroos backrower Dave Taylor stalls on signing Titans deal as doubt persists ov TEST star Dave Taylor is still yet to sign a contract with the Titans as uncertainty around the club's future...
  7. Mickyd39

    Hayne's Eels future getting murkier Weedler is a f**king merkin. I wish he would name his "sources" I suppose that would be a bit hard when you make things up. IF JARRYD HAYNE asked for a release from the Eels, he would be within his...
  8. Mickyd39

    Memberships 2012

    Does anyone know when our membership packages and prices will be published? A lot of clubs already have their 2012 membership drive under way.
  9. Mickyd39

    Titanium Bar

    Any Parra supporters heading up for the game on Saturday? If so, this is great place to meet up before the game. You can get a bus straight to the game from there. I was wondering will anyone be meeting at the Titianium Bar before the game on Saturday?
  10. Mickyd39

    Junior Sa'u According to this article Bennett is about to conduct a clean out of Newcastle. One of the players mentioned is Junior Sa'u. I hope Parra make this bloke an offer, a big strong running...
  11. Mickyd39

    Darren Lockyer announces his retirement Maybe we should make him an offer for next year, it may solve our halves problem.:roll: Plus we have a bit of room under the cap.
  12. Mickyd39

    Underestimate Walker at your peril, Sailor tells Eels' rivals

    WENDELL SAILOR has advised those who questioned Parramatta's decision to recruit thirtysomething Chris Walker to be wary, because the dual international predicted Walker would match his exploits at St George Illawarra two years ago and show there's plenty of life in the code's old boys. And...
  13. Mickyd39

    Parramatta v Cheating Scum(Storm) 2010

    I have this game stored on my IQ. I like to watch it every now again and think what our season could have been. This game is one of the few highlights of the 2010 season. Apart from the first 10-15 mins we were on fire. I just loved watching Hayne own that grub Slater. What a...
  14. Mickyd39

    Something to Crowe about: Inglis trumpeted to US audience SOUTH SYDNEY owner Russell Crowe has used an American late-night talk show appearance to reveal the salary of prize signing Greg Inglis, comparing him to NBA superstar...
  15. Mickyd39

    Lets get on with it

    I must say i was not happy with what has been happening at our club in the last 48 hours. What has happened in the last 48 hours goes with being a Parra supporter. There have been rocky times before this and i'm sure there will be more rocky times in the future when i don't agree with what the...
  16. Mickyd39

    Season Ticket renewal

    Has anyone received any info about renewing their season tickets? In years gone by usually a brochure or an email has been sent to current STH about renewing their memberships. I checked the website and there is nothing on there. The only thing on the website is in relation to signing up if...
  17. Mickyd39

    OT: The real reason Inglis is heading to the Broncos OUR favourite cougar Charmyne Palavi has updated her Facebook profile saying she's "single" and interested in "men". In July, Charmyne and her boy toy builder...
  18. Mickyd39

    STH/Members for 2011

    It will be interesting to see if our membership numbers drop off in 2011 due to the season Parra has had. Memberships went through the roof for 2010 on the back of our run last year. I'm interested to see if all those people that jumped on from last year stick solid. I hope so but i doubt...
  19. Mickyd39

    Eels vow to bounce back against Titans

    Parramatta front rower Tim Mannah is adamant the Eels' finals bubble hasn't burst as they prepare for their must-win NRL clash against Gold Coast on Friday night. As Parramatta began to get on a roll similar to the one which carried them through to last year's Grand Final, Mannah admits there...
  20. Mickyd39

    John Sutton should be marked "Never to play SOO"

    If you watch tonights game you will understand the title of this thread. My opinion is not just based on tonights game. He only has one decent game in every 3 or 4. Once he has a decent game, commentators, journalist and souths fans start carrying on about how he should be selected to play...

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