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  1. kia ora storm

    Cameron Smith’s stunning call for NRL to return Melbourne’s stripped titles

    I have followed the Storm since day one and Smith has lost the plot...Storm go done for systematically rorting the cap so for him to have a pot shot at the Sharks not only makes him look stupid but compomises the image of the Storm...
  2. kia ora storm

    Is Elon Musk an alien?

    No...he is a scent
  3. kia ora storm

    Rugby League Live 4 confirmation

    They just released a Soliola smash can use it once per game and not get penalised one bit,
  4. kia ora storm

    Cowboys cannot make Top 4

    Cowboys will make the 8 but not the top 4..
  5. kia ora storm

    What are you eating right now?

    Steak and Salad
  6. kia ora storm

    What Phrases and Words Make You See Red?

    Going forward Game Officials
  7. kia ora storm

    Super Thread LXXV: Remembering forgotten memories

    Victory to win 2-0 today. A-League Final next week: Victory 3 - Sydney 1.
  8. kia ora storm

    The Travel Thread

    Anyone been to Disneyworld in Orlando ?...want to go later in the year and would appreciate thoughts.
  9. kia ora storm

    2017 R9 - Dragons 22-34 Storm @ WIN

    Storm by 8...the forward battle will be good. Kaufusi and Finucane will need to step up but I think Storm has them out wide with Vunivalu and Addo Carr and this will be the difference.
  10. kia ora storm

    Disney World Trip

    Hi all Thinking of taking the family to Disney World in Florida...anyone been ?. Heard it is good ?. Any Tips or Hints would be good. Cheers Kia
  11. kia ora storm

    Vinegar on Hot Chips

    Garlic Salt...end of story.
  12. kia ora storm

    Worst NRL commentators

    Gasnier sounds like a Muppet and Raymond is a car salesman and nothing more.

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