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  1. mackdadday

    What Movies Have You Seen III

    I adore Tommy Wiseau (The Room). If you are a fan of The Room i highly recommend his short lived sitcom 'The Neigbours' in which he plays both an apartment manager and a Swedish exchange student. Absolutely adore his work. He is also in Samurai Cop 2 which is another classic franchise.
  2. mackdadday

    Favourite “Cult Classic”

    Anything by Alejandro Jodorowsky - The Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre, Dance of Reality etc. Mind blowing stuff. Anything with Astron 6 -Father's Day - a serial killer is going around murdering and raping dads. Poultreygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead - Best of the Troma Films. A musical about...
  3. mackdadday

    WWE SuperThread II *Spoilers*

    WTF is with all these wrestlers using the sleeper as this devastating finisher now? Bayzler, Samoa Joe, Kross. I don't get it. Surely they can come up with something more scary looking.
  4. mackdadday

    What Movies Have You Seen III

    Maybe I am a Bob Odenkirk mark but loved Nobody.
  5. mackdadday

    *AEW Chat*

    'The definition of insanity is..'..this must be the most overused quote of the last decade.
  6. mackdadday

    Wrestling Podcasts

    The high point of the last show was Angle mentioning all the giraffes they have in New Zealand.
  7. mackdadday

    WWE SuperThread II *Spoilers*

    Can't say I am excited about any one particular match. If the build had been better, a maiden championship for Rhipley or Bel Air would have been nice. Sadly the days of six month builds are long gone. Night after Wrestlemania used to be the best one of the year too but not in recent years.
  8. mackdadday

    Wrestling Podcasts

    Really enjoying the Angle podcast although it is a little scary how often he forgets what he is talking about and Conrad has to remind him. He seems really happy doing it and the shows a trim at about 70-90 minutes and his take on everything as someone coming in from outside the wrestling bubble...
  9. mackdadday

    *AEW Chat*

    Probably the best AEW match since its inception but golly I cringed a lot. Can't believe that was on Dynamite, not a ppv.
  10. mackdadday

    *AEW Chat*

    That is close to the worst botch I have seen in 30 odd years of watching wrestling. Kingston selling sparkler level explosions is Shockmaster level, if not worse.
  11. mackdadday

    In Memoriam

    For those of you who didn't cast your eyes on NWA the last two years, you won't know him but 'The Question Mark' has passed away. I thought his work with Aron Stevens was the best thing on the show. Ka-ra-te! RIP, mysterious sensei. All of Mongrovia mourns your loss!
  12. mackdadday

    *AEW Chat*

    AEW has signed The Big Show. The guy getting 'Please retire' chants like five years ago is set to return to the ring soon. Jesus.
  13. mackdadday

    WWE SuperThread II *Spoilers*

    I will be somewhat surprised if the Miz survives RAW as champion.
  14. mackdadday

    Cobra Kai

    This show is mercurial. Hopefully Miguel doesn't mind sensei banging his mum. Geez it's lucky the little girl Daniel rescued in that village of illiterates 30 years ago went on to become vice president of sales for Toyona. There is a life lesson in that.
  15. mackdadday

    Wrestling Podcasts

    Bischoff comes off as jaded and defensive, JR as a straighter shooter and Bruce is the entertaining one. I think Conrad respects JR but is obviously a lot closer with Bruce. Love STWW though. The episode on Sunny is phenomenal. Cornettes podcast is the best because he is always in character. I...
  16. mackdadday

    Future Aussie stars

    Until people start calling their kids Shane again, there is no hope for Australian sport.
  17. mackdadday

    Next Time On An All New TV General Discussion Thread

    The remake of the stand has been disappointing so far after four episodes. Not sure why they have decided to skip back abd forth through time rather then let the epic play out as it did in the book. Finishing up American Gods season two just in time for the premier of season three tomorrow...
  18. mackdadday

    The Mandolorian

    Has to be the best show on tv this year.
  19. mackdadday

    Confirmed Signings

    Word on the street is its one year because then he is going on his Mormon Mish.
  20. mackdadday

    *AEW Chat*

    This could be a game changer. Sting used correctly is a huge player and tna/aew working relationship? Played the right way, this could be tremendous.

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