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  1. Quigs

    Sir Thomas Bishop interview....

    Just saw this link on a FB Group page. It is good read. Tommy loves the black white and blue. Glad I got to watch him ........ what great memories.
  2. Quigs

    Happy Birthday Drummer Boy

    (I posted this in another thread but..... ) It's Tin Foil Hats Birthday today. Happy birthday Feej I wonder if he gave the day off to the underpaid slaves in his hat factory.
  3. Quigs

    Era of the Biff... soon to do a Titanic. Closing in a few weeks

    BREAKING NEWS... After 19 years (2003 to 2021) will be no more. I am drawing the shutters on the website. The time has arrived to sound the final hooter on the Era Of The Biff website. Over 1000 pages of stories, memories, statistics, and more, contributed to the making up...
  4. Quigs

    Game Day - Mighties -v- The Madges ... It is on.

    A lovely 27c @ 3pm for Browne Park, Rockhampton today. It should be a blockbuster of a cripple fight. We have a chance to once again temporarily cement our spot in the top 8. Can Sharon lead us there. Let the crusade commence. (psssst I'll be in the stand wearing the famous unmerged)
  5. Quigs

    O.T. Jimmy Maloney retires.

    Just heard on the morning news that Jimmy is hanging up the boots. Finishing up at Catalins in the Super League. Thanks for the memories James and particularly 2016. You and that year made an old bloke extremely happy.
  6. Quigs

    Sharks -v- Tiges in Rocky on the 21st ---

    Ive just been told that the Mighty Sharks -v- Tiges match up made in heaven will be in Rocky on the 21st Might have to git me some tickets.
  7. Quigs

    I think I am going to go into Lockdown...

    Well not so much a lockdown as a lockout. I had this wonderful feeling come over me last weekend when I didn't subject myself to watch the game live against the Hartleys. Today I foolishly watched 'live' in the belief that we (the Sharks) might play as if everything was on the line and have a...
  8. Quigs

    Do we all need a bit of cheering up.... I think so

    They reckon one should never dwell in the past but after 50 years , well just f**k em.
  9. Quigs

    O.T. When is the verdict on the Stinking Stains?

    This is going to be an interesting outcome I think.
  10. Quigs

    Observation 5: Wasted Life.

    Shit!!!! .... From 20 till now Ive wasted 46 years of me life. Of course not including 2016. (plus: "throw in the years 12 to 20, fharrk that's another 8 years to the tally")
  11. Quigs

    Stains Removed.

    Next week we have the Stinking Stains -v- The Unmerged and after this evenings games I believe we can put a line through Maguire, that Center Bloke and most importantly Duffy. I am not picking winners at this early stage.
  12. Quigs

    The Big Bloody Question Is ..............

    What will our No1 Ticket Holder Do Now ..... ...... Will he or won't he. Will Scummo pitch his tent with the Bomber Camp or will he immediately jump ship and be snuggled up in the Fitzy Camp. My opinion: Our No1 Ticket Holder Smirky McGutless will take a week to see which way the wind is...
  13. Quigs

    O.T. Bring back Daylight Saving you selfish Bastards.

    How bloody inconsiderate of you Gladys state dwellers. I love all daylight savings and then you go and call fulltime on it again. I sit here with a recently issued card carrying Old Age Pensioners Card, awarded to me by PM Scummo. One of the few joys I had left in my twilight years was the...
  14. Quigs

    Whose got their tickets for the May Grand Final yet?

    Anyone got their tickets yet. Illawarra Stain George is running equal second on the ladder and they are getting egg-cited as to who they are likely to meet in the decider. And May is not too far away.
  15. Quigs

    Are any of you Les Misérables going to start a Christmas Thread?

    You miserable bastards it is Christmas so get Merry. Hope you and yours all have a good safe Christmas. And to all the Hartleys of Brookvale I hope you have a wonderful lockdown. Enjoy the quarantine.
  16. Quigs

    Merit Team ..... what Merit Team?

    Well now we have the ARL Merit Team, what the intercourse does that crap mean? Who does the Merit Team play and when? Has the RL lost the plot.
  17. Quigs

    SPOILER ALERT. O.T. The Pommy GF

    Spoiler Alert. Just watched the replay of last nights Pom GF between St Helens and Wigan. I just finished watching the match on Mr Youtube whilst not knowing the result. Gee they got stuck into it and what a finish. Last seconds field goal hits the post and bounces back into the field of...
  18. Quigs

    O.T. Who watched last nights "Hard Quiz" .... The stories out.

    (Captains Log 1330hrs 12 Nov Qld time ) SHIRE GIRL DOES GOOD ..... I was just passing time and watched the replay of last nights Hard Quiz show on Iview. Hard Quiz is one of my fav shows. The woman that went on to win the nights quiz was from Engadine. Well the compare of the show Tom...
  19. Quigs

    Testing - is there still a heartbeat?

    Can't believe that there isn't any posts appearing in here since 9.51pm last night and that one post had nothing to do with Origin. Yeah there was an Origin game last night but I guess I am like many now that just couldn't give a shit. Of course I watched it but the games not the same.
  20. Quigs

    Whose going to win the NRL Women's Invitation Round Robin?

    Third year with four teams. Who f**kin' cares. I know I couldn't give a shit.

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