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  1. joshreading

    Super League as NRL expansion

    Ok, it has been rumoured lately that the NRL is looking to buy Super League in some shape. I cannot fully comprehend the general benefit they are considering except it would position the NRL as having a perception of Global reach and footprint. This may help in securing stronger sponsorship...
  2. joshreading

    Who would you sign? (from non NRL players in the RLWC)

    After watching last nights game there were a couple players that I would consider signing to the Storm or atleast an NRL team. Who would you sign and why? Though he would struggle to get into the Storm right now McGillvary really was outstanding in my opinion tonight.
  3. joshreading

    NRL 2 & Expansion

    It seems to me that the opportunities for expansion into genuinely new territory is also becoming quite apparent at a slightly lower level than the NRL. The NRL also seems to be implicating at times that bids should consider a lower level entry before moving up to the NRL. Realistically, it...
  4. joshreading

    NRL SA NT etc.

    I have noticed that the SARL have changed to NRLSA and so too have the NT NRLVIC WA and Tas surely not far behind
  5. joshreading

    Clubs in for 2015

    I read an article - on It seemed to indicate there would only be 12 - 14 USARL clubs in 2015. Considering the application from Charlotte it seems the AMNRL clubs could nearly all die. Any idea on who has applied? Southhampton, NY Knights and Wildcats all seemed pretty strong when...
  6. joshreading

    Canadian Team applies to join RFL Champ 1

    The Canadians (apparently based in Toronto) are putting in an application to play in the English Championship 1. HUGE move if successful. If they can be successful at this level you would...
  7. joshreading

    Sponsorship Opportunity and Connections

    Hey, just thought I would post this article about Keiron Forans father who is becoming the CEO of Walmart in the USA. As a HUGE company, surely there is benefit in such connections...
  8. joshreading

    Best use of CEO recruitment discretion

    Ok, reading the Hunt thread I thought a broader discussion is needed around this topic. There is an argument to be made that players and clubs will try and manipulate the system. This idea from the NRL does give the NRL room to recruit the best players from any Rugby Competition in the world...
  9. joshreading

    Canberra Junior Rugby League

    My boys started junior Rugby Union training today :( They are unable to play sport on Sunday normally. Any ideas to help them play some RL?
  10. joshreading

    Adelaide making play for NRL games

    Someone really should make this move. It would open up a huge casual supporter base and corporate base without relocating entirely. The benefits are clear to see from Clubs like the Hawks in the AFL...
  11. joshreading

    Toyota Cup Expansion

    With Fox only showing 3 Toyota Cup games in the next deal does it (weirdly) open a door for Toyota Cup expansion? eg. What if PNG// Southern NZ // West Coast Pirates and Western Corridor were all brought in say in 2013 as under 20's sides? The battle for the codes seems to be moving...
  12. joshreading

    NRL Rep Season Schedule

    I have been thinking for some time about the representatative issues/Club/Origin Clashes and with the idea of Nines. This is not entirely original but trying to structure a workable schedule DURING an Origin break to the NRL season, with other Rep games to give a three week festival of RL around...
  13. joshreading

    Removal of Gallop and expansion

    It would seem that the removal of Gallop (as a fairly conservative CEO/Manager) could well beckon a more aggressive stance by the ARLC. As there are people here connected to bids, do you see this as a positive or negative? I for one, would like to see a far more aggressive leader of the...
  14. joshreading

    Regional Cities Plan

    I think, as is seen in discussions regarding areas like Adelaide, CQ, PNG, Christ Church, even the Central Coast that the ARLC needs to create a clear vision and strategy for engaging 'secondary' and 'regional' cities in the NRL. Whether some people like it or not these are important areas...
  15. joshreading

    Minor Cities and the NRL

    At present there are a number of NRL bids that will not make the cut (or are VERY unlikely). In addition there are a number of other cities that could well turn out decent crowds for one or two games per season if given the opportunity. Areas such as Rocky, Mackay, Cairns, Sunshine Coast (in...
  16. joshreading

    Who would you sign?

    Okay, somewhat realistically. You can sign 2 Stars of the game. Who would you sign for the 2013 season and why? Also what other style/background players would you sign? I would make the very first signing (or atleast announcement) being a West Australian. It would help in reinforcing that the...
  17. joshreading

    West Coast Rugby League

    Hey, I have noted a number of the western RL clubs referring to their affiliation primarily in terms of 'West Coast Rugby League" as different from the AMNRL or USARL. Anyone in the know, know what is the deal here?
  18. joshreading

    Vengeance Rugby League Football Club

    Hey, USARL have announced new development club in Denver. I presume this is the new one run by Jeff Eberle.
  19. joshreading

    Sacramento Stallions

    AMNRL (or more specifically Utah) have announced another team in development - Sacramento Stallions.
  20. joshreading

    Utah defects back to AMNRL Interesting move, I presume that it is largely to do with Tomohawk representation. As probably the strongest of the western developments (except maybe OC Outlaws) they are a key catch. I wonder whether they can still play Denver or whether this becomes the...