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18th club, whose next?

Always going back to rugby union. But seeing as we are there, the force averaged 28k in the first year. And we are taking about perths first year. So seeing as league is miles ahead of union in Perth then I'd say averaging 20k plus in its first year is likely.
Going by your comparison to union that is.
The Force averaged 28k average when they were based at an oval called Subiaco.

Your mate said the Western Reds struggled to draw a crowd because they played at an oval.

Perth Rectangular Stadium's a capacity is 20,500.

On what metric is RL "miles ahead of union in Perth"?

Bledisloe Cup matches at Perth Oval generate better attendances than State of Origin.

There's three times as many people playing RU in Perth.

Western Reds' attendances in their debut season -- with a very compettive team that won half of its matches -- were only half the size of a Western Force team that finished last on the ladder in 2006.
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