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    Hey guys,

    We (www.thebench.com.au) are running a unique fantasy competition this year where each NRL franchise is represented by one of their fans. This fantasy competition is called the Supporters Competition and there are 4 separate comps like this running at this stage - there may be scope for more...

    How it Works:

    16 Team Competition - each NRL Team represented in each competition.

    Phase 1: Each coach picks 6 players from their NRL team and recruit them into their fantasy squad. Every coach does this. (eg As the coach of NQ Cowboys - I pick 6 cowboys players - the other Cowboys players go in Free Agency for the draft)

    Phase 2: The snake draft occurs - the order is the reverse order of the premiership odds (Knights first pick), Storm last at this stage.


    Squad size: 17 but only the starting 13 score points.

    Scoring: Simple with all the major scoring characteristics present (as per our default competitions), Captain double points

    Terminations: PLENTY!

    Draw: Mimics the NRL Draw

    Finals: Mimics the NRL 8 team finals system but starts in round 22.

    Cost: $10

    Prize: Winner at the end of the season wins a NRL jersey (must be their team).

    If you are interested in representing your beloved NRL team, send me a PM. This is a bit of fun and honestly anyone can win it. Last year in the four comps we ran, the winners were the Broncos, Eels, Warriors and Cowboys!

    Any questions, shoot me a message.

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