2018/2019 off season

Discussion in 'Wests Tigers' started by Front-Rower, Oct 1, 2018.

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    Welcome to the off season. Rumours aplenty and lots of wishful thinking for the new season ahead.

    The big talking points from a Wests Tigers fan perspective are:

    * Will he stay or will he go? Is Ivan on the bus or is he going to set off down the M4 to Penrith Park and reunite with the club and GM that showed no mercy in sacking him because he looked tired. Hopefully we know within the next couple of weeks.

    * How good (or how bad) will Ryan Matterson prove to be for us? The kid obviously has talent but it’s going to be interesting to see how he will go in a side that hasn’t seen success for a very long time.

    * Josh Reynolds. Will he be able to get on to the field for extended periods of time and inject the enthusiasm that we sorely miss

    * Luke Brooks. Can he step up and become a leader on the field? I don’t think he has it in him, he is a runner, not a director. Cooper Cronk in the grand final went a long way to prove that a leader who can manage the play, and his players goes a long way to winning football games

    * Jacob Liddell. I hope this kid lives up to his potential. His pace out of dummy half is something we have missed for a long, long time.

    * Can we make the 8 or will it be like seasons gone where we go on a run for 6-7 weeks then fade away in obscurity?
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    Roosters back to back...hardly worth getting to worried about next year.
    I suppose making the 8 is about the best we can hope for .
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    All good and valid points Front-Rower.

    I guess many people are going to be drawn back here in the next x weeks when we finally hear what is happening with IC.

    The off season started for me after the last round or so I thought but I keep getting drawn back to this site. I think I'm a sucker for punishment or just live in hope.
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    Both old tiger...Same here.

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