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2020 R13 Fri - Rabbitohs 28-10 Broncos @ ANZ

Round 13: Rabbitohs v Broncos

  • Draw after Golden Point

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First Grade
I don't care what anyone says, Freddy is a great interviewer. He is one of the few good things about 9.

Yeah well ask him if there should be stand alone origin weekends and his answer is straight out of the channel 9 handbook.

He has no credibility. Seems like a good bloke and was such a great player but the coin has clearly taken over now

Mr Spock!

f**k me if I was a Broncos fan I'd wanna reach through that screen and belt Daaaawius repeatedly. Dog shit performance, team stinking of absolute balls, and he turns up with a sly smirk on his face again

I'd be smirking too if I was getting $16k a week.


First Grade
Rabbits forwards just monstered us and I don't know that they got out of third gear to be honest. Again for us just too many unforced errors especially on the first tackle and not enough experience to know that when you get a few dud calls from a ref having an ordinary night like Grant Atkins was you just have to keep your mouth shut, shake your head and move on.

Mate Grant Atkins took mediocrity to a new level last night. Don’t support either team, but any team would have struggled to beat Souths last night with Atkins running the show.
My mob had him a few weeks ago and he did the same thing.

Under the old rules having a ref on your back made it near impossible to win, but now with the new rules your got zero chance..The ten meter rule is now a thing of the past, Souths we’re barely back 5 most of the night

big hit!

You know you’re a shit team when dickfingers Burgess scores a try. Almost two.

It once again highlights the lack of work ethic in their forward pack. They all want to run with the ball, hurt the opposition with the ball under the arm, but have absolutely no urgency to do the 1% that wins games. Even guys like Cronk and Thurston would put their body on the line on the try line with 120kg monoliths coming their way. These Brisbane 'young guns' only want to play in one direction. Unfortunately, this isn't American Football.