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2020 R19 Thu - Rabbitohs 16-26 Bulldogs @ ANZ

Round 19: Rabbitohs v Bulldogs

  • Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

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NRL 2020 - Round 19
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park
Thursday 17 September 2020

Kickoff 7:50pm - Nine / Fox


1. Corey Allan 2. Alex Johnston 3. Campbell Graham 4. Steven Marsters 5. Jaxson Paulo 6. Cody Walker 7. Adam Reynolds 8. Liam Knight 9. Damien Cook 10. Thomas Burgess 11. Jaydn Su'A 12. Bayley Sironen 13. Cameron Murray
Interchange: 14. Mark Nicholls 15. Jed Cartwright 16. Hame Sele 17. Keaon Koloamatangi 18. Tevita Tatola 19. Patrick Mago 20. Troy Dargan 21. Cory Denniss


1. Will Hopoate 2. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 3. Reimis Smith 4. Tim Lafai 5. Jayden Okunbor 6. Jake Averillo 7. Lachlan Lewis 8. Aiden Tolman 9. Jeremy Marshall-King 10. Luke Thompson 11. Josh Jackson 12. Raymond Faitala-Mariner 13. Chris Smith
Interchange: 14. Brandon Wakeham 15. Renouf To'omaga 16. Sione Katoa 17. Sauaso Sue 19. Dean Britt 20. Tuipulotu Katoa 21. Nick Meaney 23. James Roumanos


Referees: Ashley Klein
Sideline Officials: Chris Butler, Phil Henderson
Video Referees: Henry Perenara

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Fantastic programming by the home of rugby league to show the last placed bulldogs on fta prime time tonight followed by the 2nd last broncos on fta prime time tomorrow with the finals only a fortnight away.
I know right!!
they're absolute f**kwits who do this year after year.
they think these teams have the biggest followings, so no matter how f*uckin shit they are, they just put em on anyway.
they f**kin annoy me how they haven't realised by now that most people will watch other teams than their own, especially if it's the top teams

84 Baby

I think Souff$ will keep Boncos out of last place for another week, in this the 1st undercard game for the Penrith title fight


bulldogs picking a half and hooker on the bench against souths bench of four forwards. This Georgallis fella really knows his shit. Amazing that he's currently unemployed for next season.

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