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2020 R19 Thu - Rabbitohs 16-26 Bulldogs @ ANZ

Round 19: Rabbitohs v Bulldogs

  • Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

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I watched an old documentary on Benny, him and his ex wife pouring over videos of games etc.

I’d say the ex Mrs Bennett would have some insights into coaching. She can assist griffo at saints.

Not for us to worry about Bennetts private life, so long as he’s happy, that’s all the game wants for him.

And of course, his ex wife, I extend those wishes to her. I hear she’s a wonderful women in her own right.

People change.
Wouldn't it be funny if Cowboys fans in Brisbane went to the game with really large wooden spoon painted in maroon and gold?

It would be good for the game and therefore beyond the village idiot Queenslanders to harbour such insight.

When Kevvie makes it to the final rounds of the interview process, when ikin is your ceo, when your best player leaves for the Gold Coast giants...

Hats off to Seibs and White for destroying Brisbane.

f**k this is a good era