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2021 Grand Final: Panthers V Souths


Wow that's tough talk hiding behind a keyboard and computer- your definitely a mummies boy
Imagine being
Hey guys, just thought I'd pass on my congratulations for a well deserved premiership win! IMO you've been the benchmark for the last 2 seasons having only lost 6 games in 2 years is nothing short of impressive, enjoy!

As I said elsewhere, a very Saints 09/10 feeling about this team.

Luckily we're not paying shenanigans.
Dylan is just Dylan. He’s not Tedesco, he’s not Tommy T but FMD he was just Dylan tonight and just did his job. We couldn’t have achieved this without him. Despite the pain from his really serious injury he just delivered tonight. Just outstanding.

I suffer badly from R?Arthritis and Osteo Arthiritis it affects my hands and feet in a big way.

The Pain that Edwards must have been in to play would have been immense. No amount of pain killers can dull that type of pain.

After the game poor Dylan was hobbling like a 90 year old. I'm in awe of his achievements.
The thing with Dylan Edwards is you need to accept his limitations. He’s never going to be a superstar fullback, but he does some of the key aspects of fullback play very well. Kick returns, kick positioning and support play especially. He’s also got a howler or two in him.


Man what a way to do it. We have been out of form for about 4 months. Slogging through average teams is one thing but when faced with the best teams this side has just gone to 11 on all the little things that have nothing to do with form. Aggression, effort, desire. Ivan deserves every plaudit for guiding this side in at this level of intensity through all the adversity.

A finals run for the ages and so much left in the tank for this core. Imagine a fully fit side with a decent run in, more big game experience, more time together, the confidence of knowing they can do it regardless of what’s thrown at them. Truly our golden age is ahead but man was that one enjoyable.

Props to Souths for making a monster match of it.

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Felt like Liam Martin did a pretty damn good job when he went to the middle. Girds on here questioned that but playing well at prop in a gf cements any doubts do to with his future there when he gets a bit older.


Still party hard in the streets wth about 20 people huge f***k the panthers chant going

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