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2021 Grand Final: Panthers V Souths


It really is a great time to be a Panthers fan! The bit I liked best in that article, is this bit about our future long era of success:

He is now on the cusp of guiding the Panthers through something never achieved before – a long era of success.

Penrith failed to play Finals football for the five seasons after their 1991 triumph and were back out of the top eight
just two years after winning the title in 2003.

Cleary has all the ingredients in place to win more competitions with one of the NRL’s youngest and most exciting squads
Same here. Some people are questioning whether we are over the cap?


I personally cannot stand the arrogant and conceited Wayne Bennett, and most of the self serving crap that he says to media.

But I have to give him credit for this quote about Ivan, and totally agree with it:

Bennett said it was a big moment for Panthers counterpart Ivan Cleary, who finally won a breakthrough premiership.

“It would mean a lot to him,” Bennett said.

“It takes you guys off his back. Sometimes you have a monkey on your back; he had a gorilla on his. It’s just jumped off.
Tyrone May is just such a d*ckhead

(click on image to see his Insta post)


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Well after watching it 3 times and sober this morning here are my ratings and thoughts.

Edwards- 9/10... left nothing in the tank.. safe as houses and returned the ball like a man possessed. To think hes done what he has over the last month on one leg with no training is hard to fathom. God he was good all finals series.

Too- 9.5/10.... just a tank. Him and edwards single handedly just got the boys out of troubke all game. He was unstoppable and just kept putting his hand up for tough carries.

Burto- 7.5/10.. thought he was brilliant in defence. Just brilliant. There right side never really looked threatening at all. He had a few huge defensive plays.

Momo- 7/10... did well most of the night in defence. Sths and coady looked so bloody dangerous all night. He really stood up and made a lot of great reads and special tackles.

Critta- 8.5/10 other than winning the game with the intercept. He had a lot of great reads in d. He was real strong bringing it back. Over 200m and we needed ever one.

Luai- 8/10... thought hes defence and kicking game were top notch. Ran the ball well. Still not at his absolute best but was his best performance in a few months.

Nath- 9.5/10 absolute kicking masterclass. His kicking game was close to the best ive ever seen in a gf.

Leota- 7/10 some bone crunching hits. And really got over the advantage line.

Api- 9/10... 50 plus tackles. Dangerous all night.. no mistakes. Was incredible

Fish- 7.5/10 if there was one player on our team who you coukd tell was on one leg it was fish.. looked to have probably 50% mobility and power out of his bung leg from the get go... but still stood up.. hes so tough. Just a warrior and inspiration.

Capewell- 7/10.... one of the best if not he best defensive 2md rower in the comp. He just makes the right decisions all the time. Hes line speed never stopped.

Marto- 8/10... what a warrior.. looked intent on inflicting as much pain and damage as he coukd with every single run and every single tackle all game.

Yeo- 9/10. Most meters on the field for a forward. Never stopped in d. Such a special leader. He leads just through his actions.

Tmay- 5/10.. not much time out there. One bad error but otherwise was fine.

Sorensen- 7/10 great impact of the pine. Still amased hes even playing with his arm

Leniu- 7/10 waaaaay under utilized again imo. Had plenty of impact and x factor..couldve done with another 10mins out of him but everything he did was very good.

Kiks- 8/10... redemption for billy. Hes defence was outstanding. He looked out on his feet but just kept coming up with huge hits and plays in defence. So happy for him after last year..

Overall i thought it was a brilliant game of footy.

Souths i thought were incredible. Full credit to them. Cody in particular was on fire and so dangerous. Could barely watch every time he got it.

For us... it was just all heart. It was obvious a few boys were done from there injuries but just kept turning up..fish in particular.. hes leg looked gone from the get go.

I dont think weve even been at our best all finals..but we just kept finding ways to get it done.

Full credit to ivan and co. He made some big and touch calls in the back end of the year and i think he really iced them.

Im so proud of this team. What a feeling. What a year.

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