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2021 Grand Final: Panthers V Souths

Roosters rule

On September 12
I wrote after your loss to Souths

As long as you have life you have a chance.
Dust yourselves off and go harder next week. Get through that and go even harder. The Storm are beatable. They have in the past come out flat after a week off. Some didn't play last week and will have another week off next week.
You just need to play hard and take nail your chances.

Well done and LOL Souffs.


Obviously someone at 9 gave Gus the tap on the shoulder and told him to try and be a bit more impartial this year. Geesus he went to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and hammered us last night.
First half he was clearly bias towards us... second half I think one of the channel 9 staff told him to even it and Gus went and tipped the scale towards the Souths end. Harping on about one call for about 15 minutes, and then saying every other call was Rabbits being hard done by. So annoying

The yak

Can someone tell me who was the Panther in last night's photo wearing sunglasses in the picture with the Trophy?