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2021 mid season report card


Our bye has come at exactly the halfway mark of our season so this seems as good a time than any to take and look at the season so far and prospects for the remainder of the year.

I will start by saying that IMO the performance of the team has been top notch given the significant injury issues we have faced. Even though we are 5th, we are 8-4 which is a very good record. We have had only 2 performances that I would consider poor, those being the games against souths and Brisbane. I said it in another thread, I firmly believe that if we don't suffer any additional season ending injuries we are the 3rd best team in this comp as it stands and have a punchers chance in what is essentially a 2 horse race. Without those season ending injuries I believe we make it a genuine 3 horse race. Having said that, I can't give this team anything other than an A for the first half of season.

Regardless on what ultimately happens this year, I think we can all agree that we will be in a prime position for a proper tilt at the premiership next year. As far as this year goes the remainder of the schedule is as per below

week off for SOO 2

I am thinking we will win 8 out of those 12 again for 16 wins which actually got us the minor premiership in 2014. In a league with such a discrepancy between the top and bottom teams it may not be enough for top 4 but I think we will sneak in there above one of souths/eels based on F/A which would be a fantastic effort.

Finally, just so you know all your hard work picking points every week isn't going to waste, below is the mid season leader board for LU rooster of the year.

Teddy - 17
Angus - 8.5
JWH, Walker - 8
Joey - 6.5
Collins - 6
Rads - 5.5
B-Moz, Keary, Butcher - 3
Sitilli - 2.5
Marschke - 1

Headless Chook

Thanks for putting this together Valheru.

All things considered with our wretched run of injuries and suspensions we shouldn’t be anywhere near the 8 at the moment but somehow we have held it together. All of our losses except for Brisbane were against sides expected to be winning the comp so not real surprise we didn’t win those with half our squad out. It’s a real credit to the coaching staff and the player development plans why we have been more than competitive.

Provided we stay relatively injury free from now on and come to the party with the crackdown rules we will be thereabouts.
I too am proud of how we are travelling given the extent of these injuries.

All being well, we should definitely be in the mix for a tilt in season 2022 and beyond.

Our depth has become a whole lot deeper this year, and that can only put us in good stead for the period ahead. That is the silver lining to come out of this.
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Babyface O'reilly

First Grade
Normally I’d be upset at the missed opportunities against Parra and Broncos but given our circumstances I can’t be anything but proud of the club. Disciplinary lapses in two games are the only blips so far. Also worth noting we’re third best in defence which speaks volumes of our character. @fanatical, yes, the youngsters getting more game time than was expected will set us up nicely next year. With some players coming back and Parra looking wobbly, a top four finish could still be on the cards. Not sure we can challenge top two given our outs but we can make our presence felt come finals time.
I agree @Babyface O'reilly, although I was disappointed in what happened against the Titans last week. Unfortunately, I think we will get beaten soundly this Friday night, but we need to look at the bigger picture.

Top four is possible, but I honestly think we will finish about 5th. The best we could hope for I reckon is 4th, and the worst could be 7th, albeit quite unlikely (I hope). I am very proud of our team overall, although I hope we do not get distracted with off field incidents. :(