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2021 R11 Fri - Cronulla 13-12* St Geo Illa @ Netstrata Jubilee

Round 11: Cronulla v St Geo Illa

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The dragons were 20 metres out on the last, Norman on the left, hunt on the right, right in front and it goes to Norman and he runs it at a full right edge defense and they turn it over. This was in golden point.

it’s almost as brain dead as trying (and spectacularly failing) a short drop out when you have a man in the bin against Melbourne of all teams.

Corey Norman is a fkn moron.

This Year?

Just saw the mentally broken down Jack Bird. Maybe him and Josh Dugan can down a few breezers on the roof of Northies while sharing stories on how the Dragons broke their mental health.
Luck for them.its only for the duration of a contract. For us it's lifelong.

Mr Spock!

Vonny and Brandy sounding joyous with the result as that f**king song is being played just tops off a night of schadenfraude from Ginnane and Anasta.
The fact that I had to endure that for an extra 4 minutes made it even worse. Enjoy the win Sharks fans.
Well done Sharks beating a reserve grade Dragons team in golden point.
Just wasted 2 hours of my life catching up on last night this game.


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