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2021 R24 Sun - Penrith 30-16 Wests Tigers @ Moreton Daily

Round 24: Penrith v Wests Tigers

  • Penrith Panthers

    Votes: 10 76.9%
  • Wests Tigers

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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NRL 2021 - Round 24
Penrith Panthers v Wests Tigers
Moreton Daily Stadium, Redcliffe (TICKETS)
Sunday 29 August 2021

NRL kickoff 4:05pm


1. Dylan Edwards 2. Stephen Crichton 3. Paul Momirovski 4. Matt Burton 5. Brian To'o 6. Jarome Luai 7. Nathan Cleary 8. Moses Leota 9. Apisai Koroisau 10. James Fisher-Harris 11. Viliame Kikau 12. Kurt Capewell 13. Isaah Yeo
Interchange: 14. Mitch Kenny 15. Scott Sorensen 16. Tevita Pangai Junior 17. Liam Martin 18. Izack Tago 19. Taylan May 20. Tyrone May 21. Charlie Staines


1. Moses Mbye 2. David Nofoaluma 3. Tommy Talau 4. Michael Chee-Kam 5. Ken Maumalo 6. Jock Madden 7. Luke Brooks 8. Thomas Mikaele 9. Jacob Liddle 10. Stefano Utoikamanu 11. Shawn Blore 12. Luciano Leilua 13. Alex Twal
Interchange: 14. Joe Ofahengaue 15. Jake Simpkin 16. Tom Amone 17. Alex Seyfarth 18. James Roberts 19. Billy Walters 20. Tukimihia Simpkins 21. Zac Cini


Referees: Matt Cecchin
Sideline Officials: Liam Kennedy, Jon Stone
Video Referees: Ashley Klein​
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An old fashioned, two-armed, up to the elbows fisting. 44 gallon drum lube has been ordered, as well as the sutures, iodine and sewing kits.

We will lose the 6-agains 6-0, but win the penalty count 11-2 if our whistleblower, Grant Atkins is the ref for this match-up. Us by 44-12.
Oil or water based lubricant? At least we got lube ordered, so we got that going for us, which is nice


This could be 70-0 if the Panthers actually put in for 80.
Because of the growing maturity of the side, I think from next year you'll be seeing us constantly put in 80 minute efforts. We have moments in games from this season and 2020, were we take a commanding lead early in the first half, then only score 1 or two tries the rest of the game.


I think our confidence is coming back, so I can't see anything other than a win.

Tigers will want to bounce back after last week but it won't be enough.

Panthers 32 - 10

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