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2021 R25 Fri - Parramatta 6-40 Penrith @ Cbus Super

Round 25: Parramatta v Penrith

  • Parramatta Eels

    Votes: 6 24.0%
  • Penrith Panthers

    Votes: 19 76.0%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Yeah Hiney I was impressed with the first half but hardly recognised your team.

Good signs. Like I quoted earlier to Baz - all the shitposting aside in the forums we all do to each other - I genuinely would be happy for you Eels fans if you take out the title.. I know the feeling of not seeing a title in my lifetime - until we did it..

Good luck mate - hope they can do it for you. Genuinely.
I agree. I obviously want the Panthers to win, but if not is I hope it is the Eels. My dad is an Eels fan and he is long suffering.

I thought it was good signs tonight; good young players who gave their all for the full 80 mins.


First Grade
It’s more important to prevent injuries and get fresh legs than relying on a nuffy team to beat Manly who are not to roll over and give up their top 4 spot. The Western Bulldogs have won the competition from 7th spot in the AFL and the Cowboys made the grand final from 8th so being in the bottom half of the 8 doesn’t make it mission impossible.
A team outside the top 4 will win it again sooner or later
Not this year though

big hit!

It is partly in their control. If they lose it is impossible, if they win it is possible, as simple as that.

You forgot a possibility as well. If they finish 4th it could be:

QF v Melbourne, rest, PF v Penrith/Souths/Roosters/Knights

I am not going to argue for a second that it is unlikely they beat storm but it is one thing for us fans to think it, it is entirely different for the team to think it. If they believe finishing 4th means no rest in week 2 then they have already been beaten and may as well forfeit their finals spot.

You've explained why Parramatta have taken the strategy they have - this weekend is dependent on probabilities and possibilities rather than knowns. If all Parra had to do was win, then perhaps they would've played for 4th. They would've had control.

Your strategy involves excessive effort now for most likely little reward. They had to defeat Penrith, and North Queensland have to defeat Manly. Depending on other events or participants does not equate to control.

They've decided to deal with knowns right now. They know they can have their break and refresh their team after playing the top 5 in the last 6 games of the season. They know who their opposition will be in the EF. They were able to set clear ST goals during the week and get to work immediately in preparing for their next game rather than waiting until tonight to see how to approach the finals and who they'd play.


You Greeneck greenfaces are just making reminisce on one of the best satire threads of all time, and how could I forget about the pissant cup.
What beautiful days they were!
What I'd give for a few hours under the doona with ol" Bellache and a couple of battered savs while watching Maloney carving up at prop.