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2021 R6 Sat - Manly 36-0 Gold Coast @ Glen Willow

Round 6: Manly v Gold Coast

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NRL 2021 - Round 6
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles v Gold Coast Titans
Glen Willow Regional Sports Stadium, Putta Bucca (TICKETS)
Saturday 17 April 2021

Development Game: Western Rams v Northern Tigers 12:30pm --- NRL kickoff 3:00pm


1. Ben Trbojevic 2. Jason Saab 3. Brad Parker 4. Morgan Harper 5. Reuben Garrick 6. Kieran Foran 7. Daly Cherry-Evans 8. Taniela Paseka 9. Lachlan Croker 10. Martin Taupau 11. Haumole Olakau'atu 12. Josh Schuster 13. Jake Trbojevic
Interchange: 14. Cade Cust 15. Toafofoa Sipley 16. Sean Keppie 17. Josh Aloiai 18. Tevita Funa 19. Zac Saddler 20. Christian Tuipulotu 21. Ben Trbojevic


1. Alexander Brimson 2. Phillip Sami 3. Brian Kelly 4. Patrick Herbert 5. Corey Thompson 6. Ashley Taylor 7. Jamal Fogarty 8. Jarrod Wallace 9. Mitch Rein 10. Tino Fa'asuamaleaui 11. Kevin Proctor 12. David Fifita 13. Tyrone Peachey
Interchange: 14. Moeaki Fotuaika 15. Sam Lisone 16. Jaimin Jolliffe 17. Erin Clark 18. Beau Fermor 19. Herman Ese'ese 20. Sam McIntyre 21. Jonus Pearson


Referees: Chris Butler
Sideline Officials: Nick Beashel, Drew Oultram
Video Referees: Ashley Klein

NSW Cup - BWSE (Manly) bye
QLD Cup - Tweed (GLD) v Burleigh (GLD) at Piggabeen, Sat 3:30pm​
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Mr. Shaman

The 4 losses we've had so far are by the current Top 4, no doubt in my mind GC will make it a Top 5 this week.
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no name

Burbo so good he’s been named twice?

The games that the Titans are expected to win are the games that they usually lose. If they expect to be any sort of chance of doing anything this year, they need to win this comfortably.


First Grade
Eagles will certainly lift with Turbo back, not enough to win. Shouldn't be a blow out (Titans by 10)


Post Whore
Is little brother in the squad on name only. How bad is he not to get a run in this team

To be fair Des seems to think anyone under the age of 35 is a literal infant who needs to develop for another 15 years

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